Phantom bow program special event


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28 Jun 2020
Hey gentlemen,

Some of you were interested to unlock the phantom bow on Hangar 21. We are thinking about creating an event for the players who would like to go for the frst time or to come back in the secret room on Hangar 21.

Participants must meet certain conditions in order to participate :

1 - Premium account.

2 - Activate phantom program from the leaderbord's menu on Battlelog, click on the skull.

2020-07-31 (1).png

3 - Phantom Prospect, password : bumpinthenight

  • Score 200 kills with Assault rifles 200/200
  • Score 200 kills with Main battle tanks 200/200
  • Get a total of 300 meter headshot 300/300
  • Reward : Phantom Program dog tag

4 - Phantom Trainee, password : epic dream worlds

  • Score 200 kills with pistols 200/200
  • Score 20 kills in a jet 20/20
  • Get 2x Shotgun Ribbons in a round 2/2
  • Reward : Phantom camo (weapons)

5 - Phantom Initiate, password : 24344241893

  • Get 200 LMG kills 200/200
  • Get 50 kills with explosives 50/50
  • Get 25 roadkills 25/25
  • Reward : Phantom camo (body)

6 - The Hunt : you need to search, to find and to pick up a special dog tag hidden on Final Stand maps. Each Final Stand map has it's own special dog tag but you only need one. Use this :
Click on read more.

7 - Equipment : equip the Phantom camo on your body, the Phantom camo on your weapons, and BOTH Phantom dog tags on your profile (one from Phantom Prospect and one from Final Stand maps).

8 - Hangar 21 : go to the elevator at the top of the map (Northeast) with 3 other players which have all completed the previously described steps.

(8 - If someone die during the descent of the elevator, it means that he did not complete one of the previous conditions.)

9 - Secret room, password : 1290 429 397 648 970

10 - The Phantom Bow : Take it and it will be yours.

11 - Phantom Agent : search in the room and pick up your new orders to become a Phantom Agent, it will unlock the last Phantom assignement.

  • Get 200 kills with the Phantom 200/200
  • Get 50 headshots with the Phantom 50/50
  • Reward : Phantom Premium dog tag

12 - You are a Phantom Agent.

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15 Mar 2012
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Have done it via the lift to unlock the associated assignment. Usually try and find tags on those maps in case anyone needs them. Happy to help with the lift part if needed. The worse part is everyone goes in the lift but before anything triggers it is a blood bath when someone spawns on a player there, looks around, thinks oh feck, lift filled with blood and the twitching corpses and chat full with Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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28 Jun 2020
I (and 0Gravy0) was finally able to help Opticfour to unlock the Phantom Bow and the Phantom Agent mission in a chaotic game. Other players were interested but it was a mess due to trolls. I remain convinced that it could be a good idea for an event. It's fun to go in this room with the music, all together, etc.

So if you are interested, don't hesitate and let us know it !
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27 Feb 2020
I'd love to do it but i need the final stand dog tags, i did search them several times but never got to find one :(


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21 Jun 2017
bumping this back up as lot of people playing seem to be interested in redoing this event. Also the DICE LA camo seemed to be interesting for folk.