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Noobs R Us - Donations

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You can buy a month VIP Slot for only 5€

VIP Includes:
  • Reserved slot with aggressive join (Allows you to join the server even when it's full)
  • Set your own spawn message when you join the fight ( /battlecry [ here must be your message ]).
  • 2x votemap (Your map vote counts as double)
  • Whitelisted from the balancer system.
  • !killme command
  • !join command (Useful to join to your friends)
  • !lead command (Allows you to become the squad leader)
  • !switchme (Allows you to switch sides to join friends and ignore the balancer)
  • Access to spectator mode
  • Access to Laka's secret tapes

DISCOUNT OFFER! Get 3 months of VIP for only 12€

Remember, having a VIP does not protect you from getting punished for breaking the rules!
Please include your BF4 name either in the donation message or in a PM to the Heeds (red usernames)
All money raised goes to help pay for our Battlefield servers and infrastructure
If you have any issues with your VIP slot, please contact us in the forums or via PM to the Heeds ( red usernames )
All in-game challenges rewards are only reserved slots ( aggressive join )


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30 Jul 2021


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