About Us

NRU History.

Founded late 2008 when a group of us work colleagues from South Wales UK got together after deciding we needed a bit more of a challenging FPS than COD 2 which we dabbled with for a while, when we came across bf2 and decided to buy a few copies and give it a go.

It was certainly love at first site for all of us and we quickly decided we needed our own server so with a bit of searching and a lot of trial and error started our own server which we could set rules and monitor the game but above all maintain Fun and Fairness.

This was the moment the glorius NO FLY Bf2 Server was born. A Server only used the Jets and Helis for transport, not to fight.

We started very small but many brilliant people joined along the way and I will not name any incase I miss anyone out, We progressed onto bigger servers and a professional website but as big as we grew I feel we always maintained our Fair and Fun attitude which I feel still continues to this very day, Although I don't get involved myself with the clan these days Its in very good hands and lets hope it continues with everyones support for years to come.

Mac Co-Founder NRU

Now, after some ups and downs, we are still a big international clan with members from all over the world. Starting with Bf2, going into Bf3, BC2 and now BF4 and BF1. Mostly with our own Server to manage our fun and friendly attitute on the Server.

Being a Member of the NRU is a bit like being a part of the NRU Family, having Fun and mocking around ingame or at the Forumis always a part of the game for us. For sure we are a bit different from other clans, thats for sure, because we are Noobs R Us...

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