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  1. edgarsmelderis12 @ edgarsmelderis12:
    Happy bday Kikoroo :tbag:
  2. samoz83 @ samoz83:
    happy birthday 🥳
  3. leandre0310 @ leandre0310:
    happy birthday @KikorooIND :)
  4. Teofild @ Teofild:
    Good morning all :) happy birthday @KikorooIND :D
  5. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Good morning all. Happy Birthday! 10° and heavy rain so no lawn cutting today!
  6. B @ blugi21:
    Mornin and happy birthday Kiko! :)
  7. AkharaVect @ AkharaVect:
    Happy birthday Kikoo, hope you stay safe :)
  8. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    good morning and happy birthday vamsi :D
  9. We4re0ne @ We4re0ne:
    Happy Birthday kikoo!
  10. We4re0ne @ We4re0ne:
  11. Cockaparte @ Cockaparte:
    Good morning and happy birthday @KikorooIND
  12. Lady_Musketeer_GER @ Lady_Musketeer_GER:
    ... and happy birthday, Kikoroo
  13. Lady_Musketeer_GER @ Lady_Musketeer_GER:
    Good morning gentlemen :)
  14. B @ blugi21:
    Ourr team just won our national hockey ! beer beER BEER!!!!
  15. 1nfinity84 @ 1nfinity84:
    I figured... Its a reference to smelly cat song.... Google it 😁
  16. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    lol too less today. was meant to cap, he nearly turned into hulk and pooped his pants. so he is a hulk with smelly pants ;)
  17. 1nfinity84 @ 1nfinity84:
    Smelly pants, smelly pants... What are they feeeding you? 🤣
  18. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    and remember. don´t loose any joghurt in a vehicle. it can be slippery :D
  19. J @ Joghurtschubser:
    thanks @lakaelo, @We4re0ne and @AkharaVect :D, i try my best ;)
  20. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    Hulk with smelly pants :D
  21. AkharaVect @ AkharaVect:
    Almost turned into Hulk there. Hulk with an AEK sounds scary
  22. 1nfinity84 @ 1nfinity84:
    Not gonna lie, made me laugh cappy
  23. CapHunterx @ CapHunterx:
    today while I was at my universitys reactor. when a power blackout hit the reactor and about 30 battery back upsystems started beeping non stop all out of sync. waiting for the diesel generator to kick in. I knew nothing could go wrong but I almost pooped my pants haha
  24. Body Bag @ Body Bag:
    afternoon from the UK every one I hope you and your's are well
  25. The_Hellr1der @ The_Hellr1der:
    shouldn't you be working @1nfinity84 ;)
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