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  1. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    BF4 really doesn't like you!
  2. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Tut tut
  3. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    good morning
  4. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Good morning all
  5. Teofild @ Teofild:
    Good morning all :D
  6. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    lol teo
  7. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    So it is a big toy shop? 😁 Not sure that counts.
  8. Teofild @ Teofild:
  9. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Good morning all. :D
  10. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    And I did try Lama too.
  11. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Not that big: “ Suche nach "Llama" Es konnten keine Artikel gefunden werden.”
  12. Teofild @ Teofild:
    Good morning :D
  13. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    good morning, today on the way to the world biggest pet shop.
  14. Lady_Musketeer_GER @ Lady_Musketeer_GER:
    Good morning gentlemen :)
  15. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Microsoft is starting to auto-update Windows 10 1809 Home and Pro users to 1909
  16. General_Misery @ General_Misery:
    Exactly Glen (y):D
  17. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    I get lulled in tpo the feeling I have got better by having a round with a positive k/d but then a string of -k/ds follow. You are in good company. :D
  18. General_Misery @ General_Misery:
    Hello. Some fun BF4 rounds yesterday and very content knowing that I still suck big time at BF :LOL:
  19. Teofild @ Teofild:
    Good morning all :)
  20. edgarsmelderis12 @ edgarsmelderis12:
    Morning all, may your friday be short as ... Never mind
  21. We4re0ne @ We4re0ne:
    good morning
  22. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Good morning all
  23. General_Misery @ General_Misery:
    We can charge 1 € per reply :greedy:
  24. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    hope they will not all reply to this lol
  25. General_Misery @ General_Misery:
    Good evening 1146 members :cool:

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