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  1. menonfire @ menonfire:
    pls unban me om
  2. menonfire @ menonfire:
    as a guy with also fir in his name and it banned me
  3. menonfire @ menonfire:
    just banned my self
  4. menonfire @ menonfire:
  5. menonfire @ menonfire:
    not working or half the time
  6. menonfire @ menonfire:
    balance plugin needs a check
  7. edgarsmelderis12 @ edgarsmelderis12:
  8. menonfire @ menonfire:
    Will upload them soon got them on my tablet
  9. menonfire @ menonfire:
    @lakaelo, Got some nudies in my thong if you wanna see them (;
  10. edgarsmelderis12 @ edgarsmelderis12:
    Tits :D
  11. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    @menonfire we still waiting for holiday pics. no probs with beach pics :D
  12. menonfire @ menonfire:
    He did
  13. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    you mean for the platoon? i send him a friend invite after that i can invite him to the platoon
  14. menonfire @ menonfire:
    Flying Gesi didnt recive a clan invite guys.!
  15. menonfire @ menonfire:
    Home from holiday
  16. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    i presume that means no scraping ise before start driving
  17. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Car temp showing 50.7°C and feels like it.
  18. edgarsmelderis12 @ edgarsmelderis12:
    Good afternoon all
  19. menonfire @ menonfire:
    GM all
  20. We4re0ne @ We4re0ne:
    Looks perfect. Enjoy the time!
  21. Teofild @ Teofild:
    Time for a holliday week in Eidfjord Norway , forecast looks good Long term forecast for Eidfjord see you later :love:
  22. Teofild @ Teofild:
    Good morning all :)
  23. We4re0ne @ We4re0ne:
    Morning all
  24. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    something happened manuela??
  25. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    i can top that...33 today, 37 tomorrow and thursday 39...omg btw good morning :D

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