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  1. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Good ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ all. 😁
  2. ParisX @ ParisX:
    Good morning ladies and gents ! Congrats to you Edgar for your full membership and i hope you all have a beautiful Easter time with your loved ones :)
  3. Teofild @ Teofild:
    Good morning and Happy Easter all :)
  4. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    good morning all. @glen we never forgetting anything. lol
  5. Eliton @ Eliton:
    Happy easter all friends and clansmen/clanswomen :):giggle::barefoot::cool:
  6. Lady_Musketeer_GER @ Lady_Musketeer_GER:
    Good morning gentlemen :)
  7. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    As 1nfinity84 just pointed out edgarmelderis poll also finished. Congrat to him on full membership too.
  8. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    I ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼ will be ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼, ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼ [HOM]
  9. 1nfinity84 @ 1nfinity84:
    Morning everyone :)
  10. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Good morning folks
  11. Teofild @ Teofild:
    Good morning :)
  12. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    good morning to a looong eastr weekend :D
  13. Lady_Musketeer_GER @ Lady_Musketeer_GER:
    Good morning gentlemen :)
  14. edgarsmelderis12 @ edgarsmelderis12:
    Morning all
  15. Teofild @ Teofild:
    Good morning all :)
  16. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Good morning all
  17. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    belated good morning :D
  18. Eliton @ Eliton:
    Hi all
  19. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Hoping to paint the final 3 doors today. Then only the two bedrooms to be redecorated later in the year.
  20. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Good morning all
  21. edgarsmelderis12 @ edgarsmelderis12:
    Building Chinese Scooter with Chinese parts is really fun :) even the parts made by them don't fit :D
  22. Raven @ Raven:
    Thanks guys - just saw the thread. Looking forward to being part of the family (y)
  23. 1nfinity84 @ 1nfinity84:
    Congrats to Ravens! :)
  24. edgarsmelderis12 @ edgarsmelderis12:
    Morning all
  25. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Good morning all

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