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  1. DonTong @ DonTong:
    @General_Misery Nope! Just pure Kölsch my friend!
  2. General_Misery @ General_Misery:
    Euro 2020: we’re not good but at least we have four points after two games 🙏🏻😎
  3. General_Misery @ General_Misery:
    @DonTong: olive oil or crude? 😁
  4. General_Misery @ General_Misery:
  5. samoz83 @ samoz83:
    Lots of wind when laka's about
  6. DonTong @ DonTong:
    The joys of a landlocked country with no wind eh?
  7. DonTong @ DonTong:
    Cap I feel ya! You live near to west Germany right? All of those living in Germany I feel you! We went to Cologne two years ago, end of June, to see Muse live at the Rhein Energie Stadion and it was 40°C, pure sun, no cloud, for 5 days! We had guys come down from the stands in view full of the sun, snuck into the standing area, asking us to use our tickets to get beers and go to the toilet it was that bad. Also cool. We gave them our tickets to get in and out, and they gave us beers in return ;)
  8. I @ ItZ_Kani:
    36 outside and 25 inside here
  9. CapHunterx @ CapHunterx:
    31 outside 37 in my room :(
  10. DonTong @ DonTong:
    Had to reinstall BF4 and going through the whole verifying game files malarkey is exhausting! I JUST WANT TO TBAG SOMEBODY!!!
  11. DonTong @ DonTong:
    Nioce! Did an ocean swim yesterday in Plymouth sound, loads of nice oil to suck in:ROFLMAO:
  12. General_Misery @ General_Misery:
    First swim in the ocean some moments ago - cool and nice this 🥵 day 😁
  13. S @ Steadyhand08:
    My bad laka :)
  14. deepz0ne @ deepz0ne:
    blame laka for the weather
  15. michjan2 @ michjan2:
    ggs only
  16. deepz0ne @ deepz0ne:
    28°c in my room, 34°c outside. GG
  17. DonTong @ DonTong:
    My fridge is full of ice cold beer and that's barely helping! Time to whip out the portable air con me thinks. Might direct it into my rig JayzTwoCents style.
  18. michjan2 @ michjan2:
    i hate that my room is just under roof and some dummy decided that this block should have dark roof... if i dont have window open and door so that air is blowing through it gets to 28 here in 10 minutes...
  19. S @ Skybreeder:
    28 here so far. Im dying.
  20. ichea @ ichea:
    Happy birthday @waxxzer!
  21. DonTong @ DonTong:
  22. ichea @ ichea:
    hey all! Have a nice day ;)
  23. Witcheri @ Witcheri:
    24? Please. Im we're at 27 under shadow.
  24. DonTong @ DonTong:
    24° at my desk so I'm playing naked today! :D
  25. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    please put the youtube links into the forum instead of the chatbox because its "killing" the chatbox format

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