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  1. HippY @ HippY:
  2. We4re0ne @ We4re0ne:
    Good morning
  3. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Good morning all 😁
  4. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Wife: maybe it will stop now. <Weather: nice try , it doesn’t work like that, continues to downpour>
  5. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Wife: well at least it isn’t a downpour. <it immediately starts to downpour>
  6. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Wife: At least it isn’t raining. <it starts raining>
  7. Teofild @ Teofild:
    Good morning all and happy birthday :)
  8. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    good morning. :D
  9. HippY @ HippY:
  10. glenwilson @ glenwilson:
    Good morning all
  11. Lady_Musketeer_GER @ Lady_Musketeer_GER:
    ... and happy birthday, Cindy :)
  12. Lady_Musketeer_GER @ Lady_Musketeer_GER:
    Good morning everyone :)
  13. Paivy @ Paivy:
    😄 I am already afraid 😜
  14. edgarsmelderis12 @ edgarsmelderis12:
    Tomorrow (Today) no mercy :) tbags all the time :D
  15. Paivy @ Paivy:
    Thank u edgar 😊
  16. edgarsmelderis12 @ edgarsmelderis12:
    Party all night Paivy ;) Have fun :)
  17. Paivy @ Paivy:
  18. edgarsmelderis12 @ edgarsmelderis12:
    V , the V bag :D
  19. Paivy @ Paivy:
    Hi mates, thank u for the congratulations. I was very happy 😊 hope, we will see us on the battlefield tomorrow 😜
  20. Paivy @ Paivy:
    Hallo leute, vielen dank für die Glückwünsche, ich habe mich sehr gefreut :)
  21. edgarsmelderis12 @ edgarsmelderis12:
    Happy b-day :coffee:
  22. 1nfinity84 @ 1nfinity84:
    Morning all! Just dropping in to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIVELIIINOOOO :3" :)
  23. We4re0ne @ We4re0ne:
    Good morning. Happy Birthday Paivy
  24. Teofild @ Teofild:
    Good morning all :) have a nice day :D
  25. lakaelo @ lakaelo:
    and happy birthday @Paivy :asshat::oldman:

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who let the rage in here? lol welcome on our page mate
Hello guys just want to say i realy like your server its always a good time.
"Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories."
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paivy is a she??
1nfinity84 wrote on Paivy's profile.
Paivy's here!!! Cool! Welcome :3

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