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MOT of our car is next week... I hope everything will be okay.

Will have a drink afterwards. Because going to the MOT is always an adventure. No matter what. :)
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You havent seen our mot, circus with drunk clowns :) Have to admit that some guys are professionals but most of them not.
we have "Deutsche Ingenieure" here for this. so you know what it means lol

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Sorry for being quiet. Had a shitty week. Friend of ours died whilst in hospital of pneumonia. Last Sunday noticed that Noname was in pain. Spoke with his owners and they took him to the vet. Spoke to them again on Saturday, he had a urinary issue that would require an operation which the chances of being successful were small and would also have been significantly life changing. As a result they felt it was best for him to be put to sleep.

The reason he had 'adopted' us was that the family had lost the grandmother that lived with them last year and with work and three autistic children he wasn't able to get in like he used to. They knew that he had other families. We really miss him. *His real name was Foxy.

Down to my Mum this week so might not be that active.

I´m sorry to hear about your losses...
Thank you all. Just surprising sometimes how things affect you. We hadn't really talked about getting another cat after we lost our last one about 10+ years ago. Though Noname was never ours he had gradually become part of the family as he was usually in the garden and then more recently in the house. We have a few things that we are going to have to travel for and be away in the next few months and once they are out if the way we will look to get a rescue cat or two. Not as a replacement but we now realise how much they add despite the pain when you lose them.
Phew, got logged in. Not getting email codes or anything.


Converted an old space in Mum's house to a cupboard. Needed to add a false wall at the bottom. She is definitely not in there eeven though it was very tempting. She is constantly moaning about films having too many non-white people in them. Then gets annoyed when you call her a racist bigot. Driving us nuts. As usual cannot wait to go home.

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Soccer game.
Cercle Brugge vs RWDM (4-0).
Due to misconduct of the RWDM fans a few weeks ago, they were not allowed to see the game in Brugge. So their seats were empty...


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