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General Area
Threads relating to many different subjects

I´m New, May I Introduce Myself?

New to the site? Tell us about yourself
  • friedensreich

Join Us

Wish to join the NRU? Please read our application guideline before applying

Off-Topic Chat

For anything that just doesn't seem to fit anywhere else
  • missy2130

Videos & Pictures From Around the World New

A place where you can post some of your pics or you videos from your home-country, your garden and/or your holiday. So show us the places you like
  • glenwilson

Post your Pet Pics or Videos

We all like our Pets, so share them with us.

Garden and nature Pics

Different Countries, different Flowers, Garden and Nature. Give us a Glimpse.
  • We4re0ne

Look what I found on Youtube

Share videos you've found from around the internets
  • glenwilson

Funny Videos, Pics and Screenshots New

All your funny videos pictures and in-game screenshots in one place
  • glenwilson

Trade, Sell and Give Away

Have some stuff you don't need any more? See if someone else can use it
  • General_Misery

Food Porn

All your favourite foodstuffs. Bread making, beer making or just tasty food from your country
  • glenwilson

Ban Appeals, Complaints and KD Whitelist Requests

Appeal a ban or request to be put on the whitelist, remember to give us your username.

Clan Match Challenge

Challenge us to a clan match
  • Huilo_Ren_666

Battlefield 1

Discuss all things to do with Battlefield 1
  • glenwilson

Battlefield 2

Discuss all things to do with Battlefield 2
  • blugi21

Battlefield 4 New

Discuss all things to do with Battlefield 4

Battlefield V

Discuss all things to do with Battlefield V
  • edgarsmelderis12

Battlefield 2042 New

Discuss all things to do with Battlefield 2042
  • edgarsmelderis12

Other Games

Discuss all things to do with any other games you're playing
  • IceDiverTom

Help and Support Area
Need help and support? Create a thread in one of the sub forums

Game, Computer Support and Tech Chat

Get help for all those gaming, computer or just general tech needs
  • dcyper

Site Support

Report any pesky problems you find or suggest new ideas for the website
  • samoz83