1. Lord-Bonaparte

    Battlefield 4 Wiki, all maps tips

    Hey there, After all this time, the “little” guide testament about maps tips I promised is finally finished. See this guide as my recognition for all these good times spent together. There are 2 versions : ✅ - The Word version, it will be easier to find what you are searching with, you just...
  2. Lord-Bonaparte

    Phantom bow program special event

    Hey gentlemen, Some of you were interested to unlock the phantom bow on Hangar 21. We are thinking about creating an event for the players who would like to go for the frst time or to come back in the secret room on Hangar 21. Participants must meet certain conditions in order to participate...
  3. glenwilson

    Easy Access To The Bow Is Ruining Bf4

    With the release of the Operation Outbreak map you can now get the phantom bow without all the faff of finding a tag, getting in a lift with four other players who have a different tag to you, all with the right cammo and you hoping that none of them go postal so you have to do it again. Yes...