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21 Oct 2012
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hey guys

Since that i've been asked several times to join, i decided its about damn time i do. So i hope you will accept me. :)

Have a nice one

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lol uncle , yes it is about time but at least you can give us some more info about you.

1. Real Name (first name) , Age and Nationality

2. In-game username for all games (BF2, BFBC2, BF3, COD etc). Even if you haven't played for many years or have only played a few times, we need that info!

3. Do you have any previous bans? This can be on any online game.

4. Why do you think you'll be good for NRU?

5. Recommending NRU members:

and make a look in this thread. :D
Hi UncleNeckCutter, youre a regular and always by the rules but there is one thing you will have to change if you join and thats your swearing. We all swear here and there but your swearing often becomes personal. So if you can promise to us not to get personal as admin I'll would vote yes.
(yeah yeah, someone has to bring up the negative things :) )
and there was the time i asked you to back me up on forum about 1 of your kick/ban wishes and you did not reply in chat ??
that is where i began to doubt your motives ...
sorry but thats how i feel .
please feel free to set me straight here .

sorry, but i expect loyalty from NRU people.
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I agree with Mr XXX / SEX-Leader. :D Uncle is good fair regular player and nice guy, only bad thing i have say is he uses often bad language. It's mostly joking like our cock-stuff but he gets sometimes pissed by rulebreakers and swears them. But if he promises try be calm and proper admin i would recommend him and vote yes. Im i wrong or was he banned for his cursing once lol? :D :D You can spot him in screenshots of Hamza-case too swearing airkillers. :p
Go for it Uncle.

Hopefully you fulfill the joining criteria...I give you a positive thumbs up if a proposer/sponsor is required even though you do smell of bacon and have a Schmeichel shrine at end of your bed
yeah Uncle..!!!
what shall i thinking or telling about you,what i see when im playing it look like u are a fair player
i dont remeber all the things about regular players so i let it to the other members for positive or negative answers or votes
tri to be calm when players swearing to others while they do something wrong.....
for the rest to your best and good luck with ur applying

regards Jack
in my yes there is some chenges when bf4 is released
im regular bf3 player but when i plyed in trial bf4 it looks like bf2 if they are doing something with grafhigs
if will keep on that way i still play bf3
and sorry my bad english im finnish and try my best :D
always had great fun with the cutter :D

hm but come on TS sometime let us laugh together instead of having to shout into the squadsay thing ;)

1) Yes I swear a lot ill try to behave (i think its in my genome)

2) Yea Fuckoff you're right......i'm sorry....... i remember it clearly when reading your post............ really sorry....... I'll still back you up any day if its holding water.! SORRY

3) Bans....Bans... Yea got one ban i know of.... Panda nation ranked..........Cause!......Swearing.!

4) Yes i have Gametracker been a member in there since 20th of December 2011.....Do i really use it...... Not really....But i can if forced to :).

5) I'm fair my motives are clear thats why i'm always reporting in game people breaking the rules on BOTH sides.

6) I hate hacks, whores, campers, air-leprechauns, bunnies and other anti-gaming behaviour. FAIR is the game.!

7) I only play BF2. Would play special forces too but EA wont let me due to some conflict with the registration on ORIGIN.... Really sucks! Maybe someone can help.?

I hope this is enough. Please holla back if theres any questions or i missed something.

PZ Folks
top lad,plays the rules and most important up for a laugh

some members seem to think swearing is bad cutter but fuckem mate,i find it refreshing when your on the server and your a good player for spotting cocos that need kicked or banned

good luck mate and keep on the dark side eh lol
some members seem to think swearing is bad cutter but fuckem mate

lmao jim some of the cocks would not like us back on bf2,mac calling me a cunt when i kill him plus us letting out our frustration when u and spunky get teamkilling revive,kill,revive,kill,revive,kill ffs lmao happy days
oh and me and mac changing to dragon valley 5 times on the trot looooooooooool
Swearing bad? Nooooo way! It's refreshing when some one swears to a rule breaker coco, like badger said :D

lmao brilliant pics. lol

is uncleneckcutter your only username?

so we still need some recommendations.

5. Recommending NRU members:

and this will be needed too.

2. Minimum of 60 days ACTIVE forum membership.
That doesn't mean you have to be on every day but you have to be present, join forum discussions so we can see if you fit-in with the clan.

i know you registered for a longer time but 4 posts in this periode isnt realy something you can call "active" lol so i would say we take this month ( august ) for your active periode. not means you have to spam in every thread lol but to be present in some way.

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