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EL Claymortarer
NRU Member
10 Oct 2012
Having probs with BF4, it runs ok on battlelog page but when I get into the game it runs for about 4 secs and then freezes. The strange thing is it releases if I adjust the volume and then runs for another 4 secs and so on. BF1 is fine and BF2 fine too.
That is weird.

My checklist would be (some of this is obvious but you don't always think logically when progs don't work as expected):

  1. Shut down the PC, wait a minute and restart. Yes, I know.. not always convinced a restart does the job.
  2. Open Task Manager and close any progs running that are not needed and try again. That may highlight an issue with some other prog. Even close down any sound related tasks.
  3. If other games and progs are running OK it is unlikely to be hardware (though not impossible but as BF4 and BF1 have similar genes at this stage I would think it isn't). Reinstall video drivers and possibly sound drivers too. The volume change may be a red herring but a reinstall is worth it.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall BF4. Suspect something has got corrupted if you got this far through the list.
  5. Check to see what Windows updates have been installed recently. Have a look at what they are and try uninstalling. Or revert back to a previous checkpoint.
  6. At this point may need to start thinking about hardware.
Hope that helps - chances are you will have tried these already.
Its driving me up the wall......Done all that just short of a reinstall. Hit win+G to record what is happening to show you and guess what ?.....It works fine when its recording, stop recording and its back. I can feel a big hammer coming on.
Roll back video drivers to an earlier version / choose the clean install option
Turn off av as a test
You have any programs that interact with programs/hardware msi afterburner?
Does it happen in single player?
Got there in the end it needed something overlaid over the game to work like the volume window or the recording panel and thats what threw me. Tried the Origin thingy turned off but made no difference so stopped playing the stupid game. Today got the courage to try again hoping it was working fine...but NO. Changed all the settings down from ultra.....still the same.....rolled back the driver and its all working fine on any setting.....Riz is backkkkkkk.

This is bugging me, the above snip of in tank view shows a changing number (25 in the pic above) what does it mean ? I cant work it out, as it must be there for a reason !!!!!! :confused:
No not reload time, thought might have been angle of turret but it goes over 360 so its not that. Makes no difference to game play but whats it for ?
No not reload time, thought might have been angle of turret but it goes over 360 so its not that. Makes no difference to game play but whats it for ?
It's defo the rangefinder reading

Don't take care of it. It's better to take a look where the enemy is instead of watching stupid numbers. ;)
You get a feeling for shooting vehicles and soldiers from distance without that rangefinders by try and error training. Honestly I never noticed that rangefinder because I am aiming with tank the same way I learned it since BF2.
Only in BF1 it feels totally different. :(
Yep, its better just trust quick look and experience. You get quite good guessing trajectory and travel time if using same ammo type long time. Im couple times shot attack helis down at Siege of Shanghai from front of A flag carage hall to high building near E flag. Attack heli was hovering around that building, propably waiting for flares or rising of vehicle condition. Tried hitting for fun with regular AP shell and BOOM LOL.... :tbag: Then i heard im cheater and auto admin kicked pilot for bad words. :D :D :D
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Tank v tank you need to guestimate distance and shell drop and sometimes when a long distance need to get a test shot in to gauge range. Sometimes you know where someone is (as they just killed you), you grab a tank and let rip with a shell (yes I know I was firing from within base and I did feel guilty but I wasn't red then so it was OK and it was only laka) and you get the lucky kill and swear a lot because you were not recording! Movign jets and helis are harder as you have to do a quick mental calculation to allow for not only shell drop but also estimate where they are going to be too.
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When shooting other tank you should maximize your damage with trying hit rear or at least sides. And always try hit with right angle. That is important becouse that way your hits does more damage. Its same thing with AT-launchers. ;)
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Two things:
In Siege of Shanghai what causes the building to fall ?
And played the same map last night but this time was "The Bomb"
Once you've got it, what are you supposed to do with it ?
Appart from everyone on the other team is coming to kill you !!!! :unsure::confused:

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