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New Member
7 Dec 2017
Dornoch, Scotland
Hi, Im Tom, in 18 and live in Scotland, its great that there is a proper clan for BF4 and this looks like a pretty mint website, i play BF4 R6S DayZ and Heroes and Generals mostly. I am a qualified welder by trade but atm i buy repair and sell tractors and farm equipment and do repairs on local farmers kit. I have a strong relation with gaming and with drink and just realy want to find some funny people to play BF4 with. Thanks for reading.
Heyy! And welcome to the forums! Just out of curiosity, What DayZ you play? Standalone or some mod? :)
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yo ...one of the crazyest noob you seen now
hmm...you want agree now??
for me is okay
but your soul say leave that f****
all of that ***** was love
but my romance ***** your ****** way about of all *******
hmmmm..i feel is no ****** prob and my ****<** say yes
or what say my ******** NRU´s in this ******in Day :)hehe
ouuuh sorry for all the f***in points
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