1. K4su

    K4su's Introduction

    Hey all! I've been playing Battlefield 3 and 4 for quite a long time (PC -> PS4 -> PC) and found your server quite a while back. I thought it would be nice to get more involved in the community so I wanted to introduce myself. My nickname is K4su and I am from Switzerland and currently 28...
  2. ZeUberScott

    Hello People

    Hi, Im Tom, in 18 and live in Scotland, its great that there is a proper clan for BF4 and this looks like a pretty mint website, i play BF4 R6S DayZ and Heroes and Generals mostly. I am a qualified welder by trade but atm i buy repair and sell tractors and farm equipment and do repairs on local...
  3. Witcheri

    Sup Lads & Lasses!

    Let's get straight to it then... I'm just some random dude from Finland who has been playing on the BF4 server for quite a while now. As of my age, It's enough for you to know that i can actually legally play the bloody game! I mostly play... Well... The problem is that it's hard for me to say...