1. A

    [BF4] Unban pls it's been 9 months

    9 months ban now i'm asking for an unban? ;) btw change name from aron_the_great_0 to AronFromHell. I got som new youtube vids if you what to see
  2. ZeUberScott

    Hello People

    Hi, Im Tom, in 18 and live in Scotland, its great that there is a proper clan for BF4 and this looks like a pretty mint website, i play BF4 R6S DayZ and Heroes and Generals mostly. I am a qualified welder by trade but atm i buy repair and sell tractors and farm equipment and do repairs on local...
  3. Antonioikki

    Bf4 Fps Drops On Server

    Hi all, im new at the forum, i doed the presentation, and this is my problem: Only on your server, the Frames drops from 60 to 15 for a few seconds randomly, only on your server, i got an 1060 and a i5 whit 16 GB DDR3, the PC isnt the problem because its only on your server, all randomly
  4. oX-Deso-Xo

    Haxz Ban Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. glenwilson

    Tunnel Suav

    Playing on Firestorm, got sniped, sniped back and then thought I would check the fallen stack....
  6. glenwilson

    3000th Suav Kill

    Unfortunately it isn't anything spectacular (I did get a nice triple kill but forgot to record that) but here is my 3,000th SUAV kill.
  7. glenwilson

    Getting Humped By Andy!

    Mucking around on the server. Found a nice quiet bed for a snooze and then got humped.
  8. glenwilson

    Dragon Valley Bouncy Water

    Found a few clips of the bouncy water on the Dragon Valley map.
  9. glenwilson

    Operation Outbreak Video

    Was just trying out some stuff in Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro so just took a drive and wander around the outbreak map. No shooting or things exploding.