Defending Uncap as commander

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25 Mar 2012
Hey cocks ya so mr mothie was defending uncap assets as commander today the concept is fine as i seem to remember its allowed, what i dont remember is weather its allowed to defend your uncap assets as commander by using APC's and tanks.

mr mothie aws defending assets with APC wich is what brought this to my attention as he said its allowed to defend uncap assets with an APC or a tank, where i seem to remember your only allowed to defend the uncap assets as commander on foot (i/e, without the use of APC or Tank)
if any coco with c4 even looks at my commander toys hes fair game to be killed how i see fit "other than chopper or jet" if im in a apc to long i get kicked anyway.this shall continue till i have have a 4th nipple.

ffs dont give the admin here another reason to kick just no
There is no word in the rules that you cant use vehicle as commander to defend assets....if I am right the text says
only: Commander is allowed to defend assets.
AW: Re: Defending Uncap as commander

i destroy the assets,and Jim scare when he saw me with my greek super power and jump into the apc and kill me lol,he is always allowed to kill me,but this sneaky backpipe Player t-bag me and thats not ALLOWED!!!! as commander
LOL i dont do it and i hate if guys do so but its allowed i think - BUT i hate it ;)

You only shall not stay in the vehicles for the whole round ;)

muhahaha no ragos for heeds ;) You thought wrong
I'm confused... Defending uncap as commander? I can only send out some stupid spy planes, the accasional bomber etc but I have no idea how to defend the uncap? Or am I missing something ? :/
I know we covered this subject fairly recently but i cant find the post.

I'm pretty sure that we decided that the commander may defend his assets with anything except jet or heli ...... and ....... I'm sure we also said that SF can take any vehicle/jet/heli to leave the fixed base immediately after destroying those assets and this would not be stealing a vehicle. We also said ( I think) that SF was NOT allowed to kill the commander while he was there destroying assets. That gets tricky when the commander starts trying to kill the SF guy (in an APC)...... but thats the risk you run if you want to sneak in and blow shit up.

What I hate is what I saw yesterday evening, some idiot planting c4 then trolling around the base in a tank killing anyone that spawned ...... he wasn't there for very long because my size 10 boot slammed up his arse. I think I saw him later trying to claim incapacity benefit fro a collapsed rectum.

I think depriving the commander of his assets is part of the game, it's up to him to place himself strategically (in an APC if necessary) to deprive the SF guy of a chance to plant the explosives.

So i will get off the podium, sit with my popcorn (which is probably now full of c4 and spunky juice) and see what other views come out .....??
I thought spec ops could shoot back once shot at (or was that the old rule?)
watugi for nofly president i say lol

if im a commander and i shoot at mr special forces i think it would be unfair if he wasnt allowed to return fire.

so nofly admin,if you have kicked for this silly reason you now have to go to every bf2 server and say sorry just in case theres a player you have kicked and as you press escape to leave the server you must hold your head in shame for being a kick mad fanny.

fuck it just fuck it mac,sam,lee,beast,leoft from this day forth im kicking admin who kick players for hopping "once" and kick for spwankilling when the tank or apc is in the capture zone,there are far to many getting kicked for little or no reason so you kick crazy cocos

its very hard if not impossable not to jump if a sneaky apc or tank is bearing down on you and the cool admin would never kick for 1 jump 1 jump = jump 3 or more jumps = hopping

ffs we can have more kicks in 1 map now than we used to have all night years ago "naughty step will not count" muhahahahahahahaha
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lol honestly i never care any rule if i saw the fat fucker seaman seatsniffer is commander and sitting in the base or on a chimney. most fun i had to blow up his arse while he tried to arty my ass on the way to rape him.

thats (was) in some rounds my only job lol possibly i killed him accidently while my jet crashed into him..but it was accidently and i am still sorry for that.

don´t forget. its a game and sometimes its nice not to observe all the rules everytime, even such a crap like "hopping". do not remember that i kick one for that in my hole bf2-life. you make your own admin work hard if you "warn" every little jumping faggot you can see.

so, now back to my popcorn. lol :ass::popcorn:
i used to hate being commander when spunky and lakaelo were on the other team,ffs i had a good round if i escaped with 30 deaths when those 2 c4 mad cocks would bully me for a entire round,and you just know they would be giggling like a couple a bitches as the fooked of in a chopper or jet after team baggin me,and team baggin is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy worse than your average t baggin lol pair a bumders lol

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