Dead Server Vs. Unadministratorable Server

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3 Jun 2013
Bonn, Germany
Hey Guys,

recently we're having the Nuthouse in official to get it filled. Turns out, it works - but just for a moment. In ranked the server remains almost dead. People were supposed to get to know us, but then we can't balance the server (I just left with 4vs13), people become salty and rage around, we can't deliver what we set as rules because we can't enforce them.

Most of the regular servers are nearly dead, so the ones that aren't usually have a selling point like "Max Rank 60", "Rush only" or a special map.

I suggest that we find one point like that. We are noob friendly after all, but the players on our server just noobfarming send the message that noobs are welcome to get shot. Max K/D would be appropriate. We then should have a map rotation as well as game mode rotation. People like that i figured. Just put some Rush and TDM in it? Just shout out what you think, to me it makes sense but you may have other experiences or do not want to set max k/d or so?

I know its an old topic, but its sad that we have 5 active players on a friday night of which 3 are NRU and one is laka's special love-bot :D
i think the KD isnt that problem. 95% of the guys have a KD below 2,0, also the vehicle whores. but install a KD limiter for one of our server tools. if i remember right i saw some out there what i could use. but thats not such a problem in my eyes. more we have to go back into "admin the server" what means if you see that one site is overskilled, move some player. this will get some moaning but that is how everyone have fun. not only some skilled player. this means also that clanmembers watch for himself if they are not to powerfull in a vehicle and if it would helpfull to swap the sites. no bad feeling or pointing the finger on someone but we all know our vehiclewhore brucewillii. he is very good playing vehicles and sometimes he need to watch at the balance of the server instead of his own KD. even this will help so balance the server and make it more nice.

ok, last days the server wasn´t well filled at all. but honestly, we had worst times over month with mostly 10 player online. now the server is running well in the evening and its full just now.

running the server in offcial gave us a good player base and we got over 20.000 player on the server and in the evening we have more and more regulars. i switched the server only back in official fbecause it was empty last days and from that on saturday evening there are EA connection issues and it was empty for that reason. i will bring it back into ranked tomorrow.

however, its not looking such bad at the moment. what we really need is to get the server started. after that it need mostly just minutes to filling up in the maintime ( evening ). so its would be helpfull if everyone could help starting / ghosting the server if he is online and if its possible to ghost. even if he will not play but is online/ / surfing or something else.

the other point is to make the server unique. i think this time is gone and we are way to late. but what we could do and i saw it works in the past, we could mix the server / maps / modes more up again. based on the basic maps we running now we can had some TDM running and this works well. we should do that again. first a few and than bit by bit some more. also would like to play a rush map.

what i tried since some time is to put this "fresh regulars" on our server, into my friendlist. this is really helpfull because you can see that it works and that they also join if i play on the server and / or helping them to start. so making some friends is also a good way to help us. :D
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There are defiantly some regular names playing on the server that were not there previously. Also, in the UK the schools are on holiday so I suspect that many players may be on their main holidays making it generally quieter (I've not checked active players). Conversely, some TDM servers that were usually empty are reasonably full earlier in the day though I suspect many of them are cheating buggers.

Reputations can take ages to build up (but quickly lost). Maybe a rotation that is vehicle whore (VW) friendly one map and less friendly to them the next round. Flood Zone is a bit weird as the flyover side is OK if you are a VW but the other side is more infantry friendly. Zavod isn't too bad either though can get a bit VW friendly. Hainan could do with some tanks to balance the vehicles.

The map vote is fine but not many people vote so if you get a few VW voting non-VH folk may be driven (sorry) away. Even if you get an infantry map you still get someone who is "very" :bored: good who can have the same effect as a VW. I don't like to give up but there is one player who has made me quit if there aren't a large number of players.

Enjoyed playing Metro and Locker today!
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let me guess?!? Starkczech? :D
just for the records. i checked him many many times also as a spectator. cant find anything to say he is cheating. but i put him in my friendlist just for that "problem" i talked to some of the other new regulars too that they not playing just for skill and KD in the beginning of the game or in the time the server is just filling up. for that reasing i will talk to him too.

so please fell free to make a maprotation you like to have so we can test it.
Might be! I checked too but couldn't see anything. I have an open mind on all players but there are some (not just the one you mentioned) you play against (not on our server) that do really make you wonder if it is just skill. Getting killed doesn't bother me even if it is quite often by the same player. Playing yesterday there was one player in the Locker round I kept killing and started feeling guilty about it but it was just luck. SUAV kills are obviously skill but you can get lucky and have three folk line up for you and have one sniper rifle bullet take them all (and of course won't be recording at that time). I don't record all the time as that does hit performance after about five or ten minutes where I guess a buffer starts filling up (even on an SSD).

My PC isn't the most up to date but still getting frame rates in the mid 90s but do wonder if super duper hardware makes a difference or at what point does it not make a difference. Same goes for sound too. I use decent stereo speakers because I'm not keen on using headphones but do appreciate that sound can help when you have someone running up behind you.

I'll have a look at the rotation and see if it makes any difference during the day.
Thanks for the opinion so far. I got off the K/D idea when laka mentioned it: there's a very hard line to draw, where is one a good or just a lucky player? I'm very aggressive, right into line of fire, die a lot, taking flags and enemies with me. A camper who's a less experienced player can have a better K/D by hiding.

But peppering the server with, lets say, two tdm and one rush map, adding one when people like it, sounds like a good idea.

What I like more is the idea of tying the regulars to the server by embracing them. Saying hi, adding friends (then they see when we're on our server), ghosting, all sounds good. I expect to get more bf4 players around autumn, when prices drop due to BF1, but it would be nice to have a decently filled server in the game hours until then.

BTW I watched StarkCZECH in squad as i got suspicious, he's just a crazy jackass with skill :) but yeah i noticed some regulars. Maybe as friends of admins they start to come back or even support or join.


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ok, i have a new tactic :D i have vacation now and mostly stay at home. so i will switch the server to official over the day and in the evening back too ranked. this will bring us player and rank up the server over the day and it can be switched into ranked mode in the evening with a message "server need a restart, please rejoin in 3 minutes" this works well in the past and maybe now too
just tried something...and upgraded to 48 slots. i saw in the logs that sometimes nearly 50% of the player leaves at some maps. this means that our player count falling from 32 down to 12-15 over tham maps. often the server not filled up again and died after that. so maybe we have some more "player reserves" if we have 48 slots because shall 50% leaving again, we have already over 20 players and that means it will filling up again...hopefully. so we will see how this works.
What maps causing the drop?

rondom. you can see it if you have a nearer look into console. after most of the map changes a lot of player leaves and with the low slots there is a big chance the server stay on such a low player level that more and more player leaving. even more if the player count will more uneven. after midnight you have often only under 15 player and thats the beginning of the end. :(

i am currious how long the server stay on this night. normaly it died between 1 and 2 in the night. back into my theorie, it have to run even longer with a higher amount of players. :D

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