corona panic


Did I hear nuke?
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19 Jun 2019
Several reports of people here in the 65+ age group who refuse to get AstraZeneca’s vaccine when visiting a vaccination site 🤯. They apparently state that they do want to get vaccinated but want another vaccine. How f-g stupid can people be?

Here in Germany many people refuse to take that one too, as far as I read it in social media.


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14 Feb 2021
Mannheim, Deutschland
Yea, u could possibly die from taking Nurofen.

And Aspirin would never be allowed to be sold if it were invented today. When Bayer had the choice of releasing Aspirin or Heroin they chose to release Heroin because they deemed the side effects of Aspirin to be too severe.

Just look at the risks associated with birth control for women and then why birth control for men has been abandoned so many times. The risks are the same but now they are deemed to be „too dangerous“ while doctors continue to prescribe it to young women without any second thoughts.


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16 Oct 2012
Seems to be the same in Germany and since Astra is only allowed for 60+ year old people every vaccinated person with MRNA above 60 years means one vaccine less for the people below 60.


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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
You have a greater risk of blood clot through flying, taking the pill, and so on. We have had the AZ and given a choice would still have it or any of the other ones. Read any information medicines come with, even over the counter stuff, that you take and there are risks associated with all of them. Wasn't that long ago that some food colourings were carcenogenic. Even normal foodstuffs can be harmful if you eat too much of them. Same for masks and all the crap you see surrounding them. I know wearing a mask isn't the solution but in combination with distancing, using gels and so on it will help. I try and drive the safest that I can so in theory don't need to wear a seatbelt but I do because chances are it is what someone else does that will cause the accident and then I will be grateful for that belt. Yes I could die because I am trapped in a car because of the belt but the odds of that are less.

Facebook, Twitter and the media have a responsibility in all of this. Makes you wonder about the motives of all who start and spread this crap.

Certainly since having the vaccine the nanobots and tracking chip seem to be causing more lag when playing BF. Can change the TV channel just by thinking about it too. Wife and I don't say anything at all now as we communicate through the embedded chip but that is awkward when she says does my bum look big in this as she gets the honest answer now!