The disappointing Aliens CM game

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15 Mar 2012
Angry Joe.. one of my favourite game reviewers says it all.. nothing to add there, except i'm not that hyped about unlocks and mp so i'd have prob given it 3/10 and the graphics need no comploments since they sick so bad compared to the demos they showed us.

apparently they made a separate part to the game just for the journalists to impress them which was nothing like the game sold to everyone. wtf!

so glad i don't pre order games anymore
AW: The disappointing Aliens CM game

Ok shoudnd Buy it ??? i was nearly buy that game




This game is a farce.. First time the demo "work under progress" looks ten times better than the final product. I'll still play it now and then and think of it as a good thing cos it will make me wanna play the other alien games as antidote. It's like a 2003 dx9 game instead of a dx 11 state of the art game with never before seen dynamic lighting effects, flamethrower powerloader and sophisticated artificial intelligence with a scary story and lots of action that will blow the mind of every alien fan..

LIES they told us.. and we believed them.. If they want people to buy the game after release... or maybe that's it? They KNEW it was gonna suck like the largest black hole in the universe so they had no other option than LIE LIE LIE and SCAM the shit out of gamers and previews before the release?

i hope the aliens game from creative assembly will be better.[/URL]
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It's like a 2003 dx9 game instead of a dx 11 state

thats absolutely the same i thought i play it first time. i had always this brilliant reviews in my mind and was exited to play and get a grafic firework with a scary alien atmosphere...and got this. i was shocked as i installed the game and played first minutes. looks like an old half-life game. you can see that it based on the "old unreal engine" and so it works realy with DX9 and thats crap. unfortenately i dont read about that before i bought the game...
Even I got disappointed, although, I've never been an Alien fan - but DAAAMN - WTF?!
Yeah. All alien fans are furious with randy pitchfords lies, the scam and how they prioritised borderlands 2 and let timegate screw up the game. Apparently they also fired a few of the best developers and coders during the short time they had to try finish the game and what was their biggest concern? To add a couple female marines before the release.

Ffs... Ffs.. BASTARDS!
yeah m8 feel for you, i've been reading reviews for the past week & they are all pretty disgusted with this pile of shit... just another example of devs doing anything to get money out of people
thanks chip. The rage is similar to a huffing and puffing queen whose all eggs just got trashed by randy pitchford passing through.

I don't know any other game tbh that has gone to this extreme. Where is the responsibility for a product/creation? Where's the REAL devotion to the fans? Where's the honesty and solidarity?
The only thing the liar has done so far after the exposure is whine about not liking to be called a liar.. Then WHY LIE THEN FFS ?!?! If the comments he made at the time were true but the reality struck him later he should grow some balls and take some responsibility. Accepting most, if not just about all, of the special effects and promised scenarios weren't in the release itself by far, would be fair towards the fans or even some devotion to do something, anything about it as damage control.. But no. Alien fans get no explanation or apology from him about why they waited 6 years for a disgraceful game and to top it of SEGA gave the company right of way to go ahead with ACM and canceled or halted the obsidian alien rpg game. Obsidian could have done SO much in 6 years.. Then we wouldn't have to rant and feel like dirty trash atm with this game.
I regret i bought Borderlands 2..
just to support you guys, going to quote a guy from the review - " BBUUULLLLL SHSHSHSHIIIIITTT!!!"
damn geno im sorry to hear the game is that bad. I was hoping it would be great but that sucks
Just look at the E3 demo gameplay from last year


dynamic lighting, atmosphere, decent music, wind, a proper view, smoke, characters with a SOUL, textures that actually look like something, decent sounds, more authentic plasmarifles, aliens that are scary etc etc.
What they promised us and were making then rewrote it to this crap that is an insult.

don't see the difference?

check this:
That is a massive reduction in atmosphere and graphics. Any explanation what happened to the one on the right? Is it just the fact it went through different companies in development?
The lies of Randy Prickfuck


They postponed another 9 months of which 5 months went to borderlands 2 using the budget they had for ACM then had outsourced the main game to timegate studios and another company then got it back and it was rewritten very poorly = completely destroyed from the beta demo version.

something like that. i can post the articles but they can be found through the news at too.
So did they not give Timegate and the other studio the original E3/Beta assets and instead make them re-write it or did Timegate just decide fuck it we'll re-write it shit? Or is that something no one knows?
Yup. I'll boycot them from now on and lost my trust in any preview or demo due to them.
Many had this game at first place for most anticipated game 2013..

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