K4su's Introduction


New Member
21 Sep 2020
Hey all!

I've been playing Battlefield 3 and 4 for quite a long time (PC -> PS4 -> PC) and found your server quite a while back. I thought it would be nice to get more involved in the community so I wanted to introduce myself.

My nickname is K4su and I am from Switzerland and currently 28 years old. I play a lot of games from different genres. I enjoy multiplayer games very much as well as singleplayer. Recently I've been playing a lot of ECO with some friends, as well as Overwatch and League of Legends occasionally with another friend. Among many other games, it happens that I launch Garry's Mod once in a while for some in-game coding, because sometimes I am really bored ­čśů I am of course open for other games and am looking forward to getting to know you all.
If you are interested in further games I might or might not enjoy, you are free to browse through my steam games (Be aware that some games are missing as they are on a different game platform).

Feel free to ask further questions if there's something additional you want to know about me :)


Who is reading chatlog?
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28 Jun 2020
Hey K4su,

Nice to meet you and welcome on our website. :) You must have a good memory then! Because indeed your first visit on the server was on January, glad you found us again :D You will find lots of information about the server here.

See you on the battlefield!