Glory to Azerbajdzjan

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New Member
6 May 2022
May 6th, 2022.
It has been a long day in the uranium mines. I had just finished picking the scabs from my radiation poisoning wounds when I got a call. It was the Azerbajdzjani Secretary of State. -You need to get on Battlefield 4 for your virtual combat training. The Azerbajdzjani military is the greatest in the world, using state of the art training techniques to stay on top. At 7 pm our training began. I was teamed up with my long-time comrade “tjockkagge6996”. He is a damn good man and an even better pilot. This evening, our training regimen consisted of 3 parts; ground combat, aerial offense, and finally psychological warfare. We started out in the helicopters —

I was only 10 years old when the Americans came. There were no soldiers at first. The only sign of our impending doom was the sound from the engines on the drones. When they first came, the sound reminded me of when I was even younger and my neighbor mowed his lawn every Saturday. No one mowed their lawn anymore. Not since the government imposed mandatory gravel on all lots. It was always that engine whirr for about 3 minutes. Always followed by one or several booms, either near or far away. The next day we’d hear who got hit. It was never the corrupt government officials. For some reason, it was always the hospitals and orphanages. —

This is getting a bit long winded but basically there were some people in game chat making fun of my friend’s Azerbajdzjani name and calling him fat. I tried to come to his defense and the discussion got somewhat heated. I would like the freedom to play on your server, if I could have it. And I will not talk politics in your game chat again. My account is theSWEDISHviking. Thank you


Did I hear nuke?
NRU Member
19 Jun 2019
The banning admin will decide in your case. Please be patient until @Skybreeder makes a decision.

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