ban appeal

  1. L

    [BF4] Unfairly banned on BF4 Server

    I was banned 10 minutes ago on BF4 NRU Gentelmans TBAG club server for racist comments. The comment in question was: damn naggers go back to africa. This was a reference to the SOUTHPARK show and an attempt at humor (there was already some banter going on in chat i did not expect people to take...
  2. GreenyDE

    [BF4] Ban Appeal.

    Hello Everyone, I got Banned on your Battlefield 4 Server since the 17.08.2019 for Cheating, The admin name was MenonFire187 who Banned me from the Server, Server name: NRU= Gentleman's T-Bag Club No.1/ I had a pretty good round with my Auto-Shotgun and the /NRU/ Admin MenonFire187 called me...
  3. Slipperami

    [BF4] Ban Appeal - Slipperami

    - Which game? BF2, BFBC2, BF3 or other. BF4 - What is your in-game alias/name? Slipperami - What reason was stated with the ban/kick? There was no reason given - no warning or communication with me at all. I'd been on the server 4 or 5 minutes enjoying the game, suddenly got a black screen and...
  4. R

    [BF4] Ban Appeal

    Hello I don't know where I can appeal this ban when there is special thing to appeal it... Anyway Lakaelo I'd like to appeal my ban "suspect cheating". I wasn't cheating. I think I got this ban after good game on server =NRU= Noobs R Us NEW Nuthouse by|max.KD 2.0 when I was attack...
  5. L

    Banned From Server

    Hi there, my player name is launchit0 and I was recently banned from your CTF server on BF3 I admit I was very hostile to a player called Gixxering but in my defence every time he appears on the server he initiates a kick vote against me which results in me being kicked. I admit I have...
  6. Djmanel

    [BF4] Ban Appeals

    My Nick: DjMaNeeL My Btlog: Progressão - DjMaNeeL - Battlelog / Battlefield 4 Server Ban:-|NOOBS-R-US|- METRO MASSACRE : ALL WEAPONS : HIGH TICKRATE I would like to request the withdrawal of ban I do not understand the reason
  7. CanadianAsshole1

    [BF4] Ban Appeal

    Game: BF4 Server: 24/7 metro massacre In game name: CanadianAsshole1 Time: Around 1:30 PM Eastern time Reason stated: racism Admin: Auto-admin Reason: This is exactly what I wrote in the game chat: "my n*-gga"(with an"i" in the place of asterisk). I was not having an argument or heated debate...