ban appeal

  1. Jivcheg

    [BF4] ban appeal. Username: Jivcheg

    game: BF4 In-game name: jivcheg Reason was stated with the ban/kick is: emblem which associated with white supremacy (as i read later) there was an emblem of "Azov Special Operations Detachment " Ukrainian National Guard unit. I know that. and according to wiki "2014, the regiment gained...
  2. C

    [BF4] #Ban appeal BF4

    Hello, So someone just posted "joudash" in conversation and I have added "jewdash". If I would to be banned by the council, not the "nanny" its okay. But That is borderline not great AI thingies. If you woiuld like to elabirate or constitute an discussion, please do so.
  3. L

    [BF4] Unfairly banned on BF4 Server

    I was banned 10 minutes ago on BF4 NRU Gentelmans TBAG club server for racist comments. The comment in question was: damn naggers go back to africa. This was a reference to the SOUTHPARK show and an attempt at humor (there was already some banter going on in chat i did not expect people to take...
  4. GreenyDE

    [BF4] Ban Appeal.

    Hello Everyone, I got Banned on your Battlefield 4 Server since the 17.08.2019 for Cheating, The admin name was MenonFire187 who Banned me from the Server, Server name: NRU= Gentleman's T-Bag Club No.1/ I had a pretty good round with my Auto-Shotgun and the /NRU/ Admin MenonFire187 called me...
  5. Slipperami

    [BF4] Ban Appeal - Slipperami

    - Which game? BF2, BFBC2, BF3 or other. BF4 - What is your in-game alias/name? Slipperami - What reason was stated with the ban/kick? There was no reason given - no warning or communication with me at all. I'd been on the server 4 or 5 minutes enjoying the game, suddenly got a black screen and...