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@lakaelo Just click the thread title it takes you to the latest unread (or do you want to go to the actual last posted post?)

@AndyS40 There should be upload a file button at the bottom left next to post a reply
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I'm on 1080 and it fills my page? No white at all that looks so broken?
Okay I will look into seeing if I can get it working normally on very high res :p
@AndyS40 I've made some changes but I don't think it will work (hard to test without a large res monitor)
Lol chat box is now visible only after you log in what is maybe good thing. :D How is testing of USB alcohol meter test going? When its ready for use? :D :D
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clicking my name in the header which shows this link
tells me I don't have permission but it works ok if I click my name anywhere else on the site with this link

not too important but I have a hard time reading and following a topic like this one with a lot of replies, the skin doesn't really differentiate between alternate posts and signatures making it hard to follow
also don't seem to have the ability to edit a post. and the language of the site is 'English (US)' please don't be that guy :p:p:D
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