Battlefield 5 - First Impressions

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15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
So, BF5 will be revealed tonight so let's have some comments - hit or shit? Or maybe meh?

Edit: game to be called BF1?
yes, some leaks showing it as BF1. this could make the story more "realistic" to get back into WW1 and also the name is going backward before Bf2 whats going on into ww2. thats the only way to not breaking the timeline with a bf5 and would also be a amazing marketing and even more a business maneuver. even more CoD and other cames sucks with the futuristic themes.
So, it's WW I after all - hmmm... Want to see more before I know if this is my cup of tea...
Impressive it is but I wonder about the variety of guns and add-ons - Enfield vs Mauser rifles with...iron sights? :/
I suppose the upgrades for the flamethrower would be:

Level 1 - tin of beans and matches
Level 2 - vindaloo curry and matches
Level 3 - fire breathing
Level 4 - proper flamethrower

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Pre-booking de-luxe version cost: around 90 €. Then add dlcs and Premium (?)...
£65 for us across here which isn't too bad for a game that you play for quite a long time. I've paid £40 for games that last about 14 hours. Doesn't mention Premium so I wonder if they are dropping that?

Also, XBox1 seems to be very prominent. Wonder if they are going after CoD players. My impression is that CoD players are reducing with each new version they bring out. I'd rather pay £65 for the core game plus some add ons every two to three years than a new game every six months.
also doensn´t mention the premium stuff. would be a nice way to get the game more populated. not only the "basic" ones, who playing just the vanilla maps and the "premium" guys, who playing all maps and DLC´s. if this is right, it would be a great step into a better battlefield player community.

just yesterday is read a similar stuff while i was sitting into console. some guys asking about "wtf is that map?" and means the dragon valley map. in the convo he was talking about that he is only playing the vanilla maps so far. lol
At first I didn't like the idea but as long as it isn't too alternative reality I think it will be pretty good.
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Looks cool and atmospheric. And there is maybe something new and different gameplay. For example shooting while riding horse like for example Red Dead Redemption and more different melee combat and weapons. And all that with new high tech destructable stuff and effects. But im little worried how soon you get bored if there is not very much different weapons and new things you can unlock. Flame thrower would be cool but i bet its gonna be new "airburst". Good thing is there is no annoying modern bullshit gadgets like FLIR optics.
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Why do you need a scout? Bad enough with the amount of folk moaning in chat let alone with some whiny kid in shorts and a shirt covered with badges saying "are we there yet" following you around a map!
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trying to figure out the usage of 2 player to run a tank ( vehicle ). so it looks like you need one tank driver and one as "gunner". looks strange but maybe we going to be a more infantry based gaming again. just for the tankwhores it will be a hard time.

not just jumping into the next tank and the killing started. NO, now he need first a gunner otherwise he is just a driving target lol

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