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New Member
1 Jun 2013
Yo chaps!

I'm AGCalamita...

From the UK. Started gaming in the good old days of DOS (Wolf3D, Captain Keen, Duke Nukem etc. :) )

Been through the usual's of CS:S and BF2, now mainly BF3

You'll have seen me on the NRU servers and already 'friends' with a few of you. Nothing like a friendly community to game with... don't like joining random servers full of tools!

Anyway, been around a while, now I'm saying hi!

and hello from me even tho i am a lowly bf2 player ...
Thanks for the welcome guys!

and hello from me even tho i am a lowly bf2 player ...

Can't beat a bit of BF2! Not got it installed at the moment :(
Hi Calamita, nice to CU over here too m8!!
Bit busy with work atm but I hope to join you on the battlefield again soon!!
So have fun on the forum and our servers and if there is anything we can do give us a shout!
Thanks guys! Recently out of hospital and recovering (working from home...) so got plenty of time for BF3 at the moment! :)
erm dont you mean bf2 ? .... only joking :)

enjoy while you can :) and quick recovery
Would dig BF2 out but by the time it's updated on my 1.5Mb Sky broadband I'll be playing BF4! :D
hiya i also have some time over the next month for bf3 so will see you in the servers
AGCalamita likes tbagging, he puts his face so often front of my gun. :) :tbag:

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