Yet ano'er youtube thread...

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15 Mar 2012
Yes yes, I know, ye won't like this video, no my fault ye have no taste :D

wtf !! get some quality stuff on like steps or 5 star lol.
each to their own . have a goodun riggs , rich.
:D Atta' lad! Now wheres your contribution to the thread? Have a good one too!
This is just a single tune but currently up there with my favourite at the moment. Like old 4 beat hardcore.

Was searching for tunes and had to share this one as well, takes me back 20 years to the days of white labels and pirate stations.


For my German Friends
sorry guys n gals but this is my kinda shit :


and listen to this loud [video=youtube;N0lAi7-I9ZY][/video].

and not necessarily in that order :}

sorry, dont know how to paste whole thing :}
hey cool it did well fucketh me .. enjoy :} maybe ?

dont worry i got plenty more lol.
Hi guys this is the shit i like to listen to Stone Sour, Korn, Metallica, etc but i have a wide varitey in music so this isn't just it.... pop dance i like them all but my main stay is heavy metal
Gotta watch the third video :cool:



AW: Re: Yet ano'er youtube thread...


look that EPIC shit, and u decide^^

@Btr: OMG whats that for Bad Song :O i can only see that if i drunk loool
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Come on people keep it hardcore, another epic effort

Right up there as well

All of these are the proper original tunes, you can hear the vynal imperfections.
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I am right up for finding the best old skool hardcore tonight, back to 1992 anyone?

Remeber to turn it up properly loud after 2 minures, headphones are recommended.
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oldschool ?

like this




Geno....old skool? sorry but those are just euro pop gangham style.

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