will see jon spencer, judah bauer and russel simins!!! ahhhhh

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normaly u can pogo on hardrock..ska and punk....but with this band u can pogo to

btw ive never heard of this band..im from the seventies and still like good blues music
they are even more than just a good blues band. about ten years ago they released a double LP with all their favourite songs remixed and featured by some techno, hip-hip and pop artists or producer like public enemy or moby (just to name a view).
this album is much more catchy.

and here is sth special: who knows the beastie boys "she's on it" ????


:) :) :)
that concert was one of the best in my life. won't forget it ever. 1 hour 45 minutes pur blues/punk-rock sound. two lead guitarists, one mad drummer, that's all you need. (and a sound system that can take it)

the opening act was Gemma Ray. a little tiny girl with a drummer. they spread a full fletched TWIN PEAKS MOOD. half acoustic guitar and so much delay. nice and soft before that total guitar storn of john spencer.
It´s nor my kind of Music but I liked this tune [video=youtube_share;jhawAKb3P4w]http://youtu.be/jhawAKb3P4w[/video] :alien:

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