Why Ive Not Been Around Andys40

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22 Aug 2012
Staffordshire (UK)
So as some of you have seen ive not been around for about 1 year this is due to my daughter leaving us last Christmas which wasn't expected and a total shock which left me and my wife and family distraught as you can imagine :(:cry:. She left with her boyfriend and has been living with him since, but everything is fine and we see her loads but she lives a good 25 miles away which isn't exactly close to our door step lol.
So that's the sad part over nearly :cry:

Some of you on Facebook may see my post or me in my daughters posts if you have is doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out she is going to have a baby very soon. She is a little young for this but it was there choice and as parents we respect their choices and she is old enough to make her own plus we will stand by her all the way as we love her deeply.
So were gonna be uncle and aunt's Hahahahaha, me and wifey have got use to this now and are very excited indeed.

So that's why ive not been around, nothing personal to NRU just family issues and I still love you all ;) and hope to be around more soon on BF1
But unfortunately ive got very bored with BF4 :(
So were gonna be uncle and aunt's Hahahahaha

nope, you will be grandpa and grandma. get ready for that. :D
is she 19 or 20 now? its very young but i think they have my respect for "planning" a family in that age. normaly you had some "unlucky" contraception in that age and not a reasonable family planning. so they have really my respect for that and i think the young age is not a problem if the family keep together and i see you all doing that. some "older" parents are not that solicitous so all fine. :mooning::spitoutdummy: so the age isnt really a matter in that case and i think you all will have a great time and a new, nice and interesting live section.
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Not only will you be grandad you will also have the fun that goes with teaching the grandkids all those things that parents don't want them to know. Teaching them to use "special" words when you are babysitting, embarrassing your daughter with "funny" stories when the grandchild is older - all priceless.

Not that I know - no kids, neither of us wanted any and have never had any paternal desires either which probably makes us a bit weird.

Hope everything goes well.
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It certainly was a huge shock when your beloved daughter left home in order to live with her boyfriend.
The experience of letting her go was extremely painful; you and your wife were confronted with mixed emotions such as deep sadness and the feeling of profound loss.
There is no need to be ashamed of that, as it only shows how deeply you love her. It's not easy to cope with these feelings: You cared for her for more than 18 years and all of a sudden she's gone.
Everyone of us can understand you, Andy.

Now she is going to have a baby very soon. You already pointed out the essential aspect: You and your wife respect her (their) decision. And again - you do the right thing: You stay calm, thus avoiding any unnecessary strain on your relationship with the mum-to-be.
It may sound pathetic but it's a real delight to see how supportive you and your wife are.
It's most important for your daughter and her boyfriend that they can always confide in you, getting all the help they need.

True, you all need to come to terms with this new situation but once the baby is born you will realize that this is the beginning of a new chapter in your 'family chronicle'.
That's gorgeous!

Dear Andy, please never forget that we, the NRU family, are there for you. Always. :)
well it had to happen sooner or later mate, just happened to be sooner :p

damn another NRU cock turning Granpa im feeling younger and younger XD

take the time ya need mate Family comes first, and kudos to you for actually telling us whats kept you :) then we dont have to worry that much, and youll be easier for me to knife when ya return so thats also all good XD

congratulations on the future generation though :)
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As a father of two (that I know of :whistle:) I can understand how you feel. Even if both our daughter (13 years old) and son (19 years old) still live at home a type of separation anxiety (or nostalgia) is evident when they pass through different stages i.e. when you realize that the umbilical cord is cut step by step.

I have some friends and relatives who have chosen not have kids and I, of course, fully respect that but for me our children are the sunshine of my life and always will be.

Perhaps, when the first shock have subsided, you may look at what has happened (and indeed what will happen soon) with joy and anticipation?

Anyway, as other have said, we your NRU buddies are here - despite all of us being > 25 miles away we're not further away than a warming :tbag: ;)
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