Why ive been away so long

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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
Heres why ive been away so long lads


New work, going round promoting night clubs and doing generally boring video work with top grade famous people lol lifes a bitch :(

heres a sample of video work i did [video=youtube;KGXgZ8o64mQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGXgZ8o64mQ[/video]

so far so good . . . . .

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who let the cock in, squirt squirt squirt!!!
I am still waiting for the BF2 NRU Mod m8 lol... welcome back (btw its me SEK)
i know its u sek would recognise you anywhere mate ;) lol actually was a lil hard to notice u without ur c4 crown :p lol
Hi :) Hope u been well.
what's the video about? not very interesting watching view of wing mirror!!
its a camera match, simple 2D manipulation onto a recorded scene, same technology is used to manipulate 3d animations into video footage :D, next camera matching test is more fancy, that one was just thrown together lik but still sorta matching the tone of the song, sticking the AEI logo on the side of a church raised a bit of commotion tho lol
my plums are twitching again in anticipation Tommymc fanny

Im certain once Badger gets wind of your return, we shall have you t bagged..stuffed and hung on the wall along with the other victims in our trophy room mwwhauauaa
ur gonna tbag me :D id love to see the 2 of you try, :D and as for the mod post lads it is coming just avnt had much time to do ne work on it, still got the spunky claymore and the higher res textures here waiting to be deployed :D
Hi all

First, welcome back Marauder.
Why i have been so long during last weeks on BF3?

One response: health
I was at hospital since 29 May and come back home Tuesday.
My health is better but not 100%
My health probs are gone.... i hope so.

See u soon on the battlefield ;)

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