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8 Mar 2013

Names eXperial (Kogii) , 19 and from Denmark.

Ever since before my dad died 11 years ago i remember playing videogames. Started out on the PS1 and then straight forward to the PC masterrace :D

Been playing all sorts of games but the ones i loved the most were;

League of Legends (Spent WAY to much time and money here)
Vanilla WoW
Counter Strike 1.6
Battlefield 3 (Duh)

Found this place because of Loeft1 (Not sure if i regret yet)

Currently im unemployed and learning C# (Programming)

Feel free to hit me up on Steam (Kogiii) and/or Battlelog (eXperial)

Hope people here are special. Really special. Really Really special. :D

Ps. Lazyness wins, spelling errors occour
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Haha :D Always fun
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Well... I'm special. I'm the only one younger that 16+ xD It's creepy to be here, but I haven't regretted it.

Oh, and welcome to the group/Server :3
AW: Who is this?

Well I think the hoped we were special in a positive way but, yes we are maybe the most special in a negative kind haha

Ah yeah and JmJ you get used to it by time, don't lose the faith
be afraid.. be very afraid.. the worst is yet to come when a thread goes properly off-topic in a special way. I'm talking sheep :welsh: and :tbag:s until it even crosses the line of S:) and all in a special way by a special place special COCKS.

but before that..

Welcome to the madh.. forum and go scandinavia!

oh and it's good we can blame Loeft this time. it's getting boring always pointing at Lee.

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