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15 Mar 2012
So i'm back on the laptop...pffff

if you guys had a really low budget and wanted to play BF2 as best as possible what would you buy and why?


so what do you have to spend minimum to get the best out of BF2 baring in mind its only gonna run on a 19"tft @75hz??
I used to play BF2 with the following..

I don't know what your budget is but that did me well enough for a long time, was only playing on BC2 and the eventual release of BF3 that made me decide to build what I have now.

That btw was a rebuild, used original case and harddrive.
but as a constructive post, my old laptop had Core 2 Duo 2ghz, 4gb 667mhz ddr2 or something like it, and nvidia gt240m graphics
and it ran BF2 good enough to play almost full settings.. so, a pc with Core 2 Duo e6750 is surely enough, nvidia gt550 / amd radeon 7770 is enough
with the rig having atleast 4gb ram
What motherboard do you have in your PC at the minute? You looking to rebuild or you want just a whole new base unit?
yeah but cant i stick 4 x Kingston 1GB ValueRAM DDR2 667Mhz @12 quid a piece and Palit 1024MB DDR3 nVidia GeForce 8400GS PCI-E VGA / DVI-I / HDMI, Retail with Low Profile Bracket
you could set up that system and try it out. however since the game is old the official requirements and recommended don't apply anymore. as games get older they grow a bit more resilient or demanding.

cpu : dual or more core... idk.. As teh game wants affinity set to one core to work properly a single core will do for the game.
mem : original reqs were 1 GB recommended. but for OS if you use win 7 i'd say at least 4GB. 6-8GB is good but 4 could do. DDR2 minimum.
graphics : doesn't need to be that high to run it but would help to make it smoother if you had at least a recommended card or better. the 8400 would prob do.

check the reqs at www.systemrequirementslab.com

you'll know when you test and if not totally satisfied it can be as backup if a future primary rig fails.
yeah way out of my budget and its only BF2

I gave link because I don't know if you're okay with rebuilding a PC yourself or know of someone that can do it for you? The cheapest on that link is £310, the specs would last you a while too, presuming you have (I take it you don't though) Windows 7 on disk?...

Whats the most you're looking to spend?
i used to run bf2 on an 8800 gts i think & that was good
lol...yeah i'm ok building...used to have a gandalf tower with 4 gig of crucial and twin 6800gts with 2x 80 gig raptor hdds and other shit...total £1800

was the envy of all my friends but 2 months later 7800s came out..lol

thnx for your advice by the way guys...appreciated!!
AAhhh gutted PJ last night was a real good crack :( What wrong with pc ? Cant it be fixed what are issues ? Or has gone in a puff smoke :(
nah it was a loner from a friend and he needed it back so its back to my laptop

Last night was way to funny...good job 36 turned up to turn off negative kick...lol...cant wait for the videos
36 "PJ are you pissed again?"

These days I have the spare parts / knowledge to build you a PC that could play BF2 on full settings for under £200. I would just need to pick up a couple of extra bits and it is yours. My old GTX 275 is just sitting here and would make BF2 look like spunky's connection :)
Thats such a nice offer ninja but gimme till the new year as i might buy a barebones gaming rig for 169 inc vat

Barebones link

edit : my only concern is i am a hardcore nvidia guy and this is radeon!!!
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My GTX275 is available mate, it would be fine for BF2, it just got stressed out on BF3 but played it for a while well.

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