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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
A friend of Isobel's asked if she would be a witness at her wedding. I was then volunteered to do the photos! I had vowed never to do wedding photos because of the responsibility of recording a very special day it two peoples life and screwing that up would be catastrophic. So I didn't really have any choice in the matter! I watched quite a few professional training videos and most of them really just said that as every wedding is different there are no rules. Just get the best pictures you can!

So on the days prior cameras were cleaned, lenses cleaned and batteries charged etc. I basically had spares of everything so I knew that if something did fail I would have a replacement. All of that was peace of mind. Then remembered that I would have to wear a suit and had to dig that out - still fitted! Then proper shoes too. Not worn them for about five years and had full sympathy with the bride as she was in heels but preferred hiking boots!

So yesterday it was a case of getting to the venue early and casing out the place. I already had a good idea of what the room layout was from online brochures but getting a bit of time to check things helped settle the nerves. Photography was allowed during the ceremony so my aim was to capture the main moments and also the people there but without interfering too much. Also set a GoPro up which I just left running to also capture the ceremony. Everything really went to plan with only one equipment mishap where the camera OS crashed and locked up. Switch off and on cured that. Another learning point is that at the reception there wasn't a lot of room for photos so I had to use a wide angled lens. Wasn't worried about the distortion as that is easily corrected in Lightroom but being tall did mean that I was looking down on folk so if I was doing that again I would be tempted to use a tripod to get a better angle.

Sarah is Australian and Jose is Spanish (he had his family there), but there were also folk from Poland, USA, Greece which proved interesting as the drink flowed and the evening progressed.

I was knackered at the end of the day but I was pleased with the results and preparing well before hand meant little was left to chance. Once home I copied everything on to two different hard drives to make sure I had copies. I think I would rather take photos of puppies - easier to control than people! So I ended up with about 200 decent photos a few of which are below.


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Well gotta say Glen think you did a great job there nice photos and quite a mixed gathering of nationalities by the sounds of it..
Not an easy job by any means I would think and to plan ahead looking at the rooms etc was a big help on the day
Well done that Man :)
This was no easy task at all, Glen, but your experience as well as your careful and meticulous preparations helped you to do a good job in creating memorable moments which will last a lifetime for the married couple. :)
very nice fotos and a nice location.

being in that situations is mostly a mess for, even more for the folk around me. my first commend would be: "ohh, its a normal wedding....isobel told me it would be some kind of nudist wedding. thats why i take all the macro and zoom lense with me" :joker:
Nice pics Glen, quite a challenge as there is not a second chance... ;)

Thanks. If you are doing product shots or cars you can have another go but for something like this it is pretty much a one time deal. Obviously with digital cameras you can check as you go along that the images are Ok. No way would I have done it with film! But even on the way home I was worried about only having one copy so had to make a few copies when we got home! Having backup cameras and lenses gives peace of mind knowing that if one fails you have another. And if that fails there is always the phone to use! There weren't too many people so it was easy to keep track of who you had taken photos of and not. I had a shot list in my mind of important ones you have to get but after that it is just take what ever you see.

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