was on a kirmes / funfair yesterday

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NRU Heed
and my crazy wife was driving with that. its not from me only from youtube but this thing is amazing.

me was going bad and dizzy only looking from ground. :arg:

AW: was on a kirmes / funfair yesterday

have it seen on Kanstatter Vasen^^ i have want drive it but my wife saaaaaays noooooooo to me :(
pass a medical examined before getting in there .....and do not eat ...lool,i hope that when you're down you have a diploma receipts cosmonaut ..lol

provides sensation ....woouaaaa ..
Ah m8, I was on a similar ride when Funderland came to Limerick city....its fucking mad ! ! !
Just before the first time it goes all the way over, that slight pause while your are suspended upside down is mega.....then when the seats unlatch and are free to move about there axis all fucking hell breaks loose !
I was well proud that I had to go on first before I could convince my eldest daughter to go on. Oh yeah...dads still got it ;)

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