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22 Aug 2012
Staffordshire (UK)
Hi all
Been having a good old play with Timelapse on my Nikon and I like the brief results that ive been getting
I'm a total Noob at this not only that but using Premiere elemnts 12 to make the video as well so go easy on me :joker:
Hope you like it for a first attempt

Frankly, I really enjoyed watching this beautiful time-lapse video; even the music chosen is an excellent match for the footage.

Thank you, Andy, please keep the videos coming. :)
Andy, as early attempts they are really good. There is something fascinating about watching clouds like that as you can see them build and change in ways that you don't notice even when you just sit and watch them. Looking forward to seeing some more of these as it is always a great way to "waste" a few minutes. Thanks for sharing.

My only thought is that if you are using an DSLR you need to be aware of the number of times that the mirror action fires and can wear out pretty quick. If the mirror gets locked up during the sequence then it should be fine. My GoPro 4 has a timelapse video mode where you can set the interval and you end up with a video at the end. On the 3 you just get hundreds (thousands sometimes) of images that you have to stitch together. I prefer having the individual images as you can then weed out some duff ones and also batch change them for colour balance and crop in Lightroom before creating the video.

One advantage of using a small camera is that you can mount it on an egg timer (IKEA do one with a really nice flat top - pic below) so in addition to the timelapse you can get a slight change of view too.

Lynda.com do training videos and courses on things like timelapse and video editing. For a month it is £14.95 but if you have never used them you can get a 10 day trial to try them out during which you can watch as many courses as you can fit in. I found it really useful so subscribed for a couple of months. There are loads of photography related courses from beginner to more advanced. I did the basic one and even though I have had a camera for about 40 years was still learning a lot. The DIY photographer course is good.

I stopped my subscription after a couple of months and then got a 40% off offer so I got a years subscription (saved about £110) which allows you to also download courses. I'm stocking up courses for the 10.5 hour flight to Houston!


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If you do you a timer to move the camera whilst do a timelapse the attached Word doc may be of use to work out angles. Each segment is the rough equivalent to 5 minutes. Gives you a rough idea of what time will take a particular angle range.


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Cheers for the advice Glen, your right about the mirror on the DSLR had a look into it today as you have a mirror up mode or MUP mode on Nikon but unfortunately these modes don't work in timelapse or interval timer mode, but all is not lost I do have a spare older body which I will try. The Egg timer looks an absolutely fantastic idea which I will look into also I might get my wife to get me a Gopro Hero 4 for Christmas but we will see, I'm getting addicted to DSLR gear as you mentioned some time ago in another post but I must say ive also sold a fare abit as well to fund lenses etc.

I do always research my little ass off when I decide to buy a lens or do something different with my DSLR, I spend at least 1 to 3 weeks reading reviews - YouTube vids etc before I have ago or choose to buy something

Thanks once again Glen for the advice
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Lenses are far more important than camera bodies. A cheap camera body with a good lens will be better than an expensive body with a cheap lens in most cases. The only lens I would really like is a long telephoto but would expect to lose a couple of limbs to make it worthwhile. :)

I like the GoPro 4 Silver a lot but find the 3 Black+ is pretty good and may still be able to find new ones quite cheap. The 4 Silver has a touch screen which is useful for operating and as a viewfinder.
I like this film made of short timelapse sequences. Might try some when on holiday.

Nice Timelapse video Glen

I watched a quick tutorial on Gopro's timeplase software the question I will ask is this software supplied when you buy a Gopro. But im really impressed by it's simplicity on the production of the timelapse video so much easier than Adobe Premiere Elements.

Video of Gopro Timelapse Tutorial below :D

Yes it is free to download. Just needs an email address. I use an app on the Mac for timelapse, import all the images into Lightroom, auto white balance and colour. Check for any odd exposures and the use the app to create the timelapse. In Final cut you can create a compound clip from all the individual images and then adjust the time and speed from that - I guess that Premier could probably do a similar thing.
Awesome work Andy.this one isn't mine but it was shot on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.
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