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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
My mum likes nougat so I thought I would do some home made for her as something to take when we are down south soon. Followed the recipe to the letter with everything even temps reached. Basically you heat sugar and water to 132°C then add some honey and heat it to 146°C and add that to three egg whites that have been whisked. It should then set to a hard nougat. Should. Mine didn't. It was even too soft to dip in chocolate after freezing it so thought I could make some chocolates with it as a centre. The final picture isn't great but the result was actually not bad.

Next batch will be salted caramel filled.

IMG 2288 IMG 2287 IMG 2290
Inspired by Lasse Hallström’s film “Chocolat”, I once dived into the fascinating world of fine chocolates and truffles by making them on my own.
I really loved to test several recipes concentrating on the different quantity of cocoa butter, sugar and spices like vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom and even a hint of chili powder.
One of the many benefits which derives from DIY is the fact that you have the option of customizing your ‘products’.

Glen, when I look at your final picture, I dare say that you managed to create some rather delicious sweets!
I am sure that your mum will like as well as appreciate it, as it isn’t just a store-bought chocolate but a real treat.
What is more, your home made gift is your way of showing you care.
That really was a test batch but learnt a lot from it. It was also VERY sweet tasting even when using a dark chocolate.

This week I will try a salted caramel filling and a coffee filling too. As we have said on some of the other food/beer threads it isn't about saving money but having fun making it and also making something that you like.

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