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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Stuck for that special gift for someone special....

I usually stockpile gifts for Mrs W during the year as she will mention something that she likes but wouldn't buy for herself. That way when it comes to birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary, or Christmas I usually have something "in stock". I avoid clothes, handbags and stuff like that because it is a more personal preference and you can never trust the size on the label being correct. At this time of year I search for a few fun bits and pieces that are cheap but still useful(maybe). Whilst searching I discovered these gems...

I just discovered this stuff. It is plastic pellets that you can heat up and then mould into any shape you want and once it cools it hardens and retains it's shape. It is useful for making repairs or for creating something to fix a problem. Depending on what you get it will harden and go clear or white but you can colour it. If what you made is wrong or you get fed up with it you can just heat it up (in hot water) and try again. Like plasticine it will gradually get dirty looking but still useable.
Hand Mouldable Plastic | Moulding Polymorph Pellets | Friendly Fantastic Plastic™ |LARGE SIZE 500 GRAMS| BEST QUALITY| For modelling, DIY, crafts, schools, toys, hobbies, everyday items, repairs, glue, casting, custom moulds | Thermoplastic | L

Laka could get this for his "dogs" Boxer Gifts Instant Fines Pay Up Tin, Farting: Kitchen & Home

For someone you dislike Home for Christmas by Susan Boyle: Music

In the your not going to blend in against the red satin sheet department Mens All in One Pyjamas - Camouflage Green and Brown - Medium by BFP: Clothing

And in the WTF! department Finejo Men's Brief Bikini G-string Thong Jock Underwear: Clothing

Something for the camper (sorry recon specialist in your life)....


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lmao i cant remember me or my wife gave us christmas presents each other. thanks god we are both equal in that stuff and we bought us things over the year and saying we don´t need other crap for christmas. :) mostly we doing some short trip together or looking at some stuff we both like ( house, new dog lol )

if i got the farting fines box i fear a bit i have to pay most of it at the end hihi.
Know what you mean about getting unwanted crap. I'm getting a 1 gal (5l) brewing kit and she is getting a teddy bear that I know she wanted. Other stuff is practical with a couple of silly items for fun.
In the Netherlands we tend to skip giving presents at christmas, as we also celebrate St Nicholas with gifts on december 5th (day prior to nameday). However under pressure of commercialisation of somewhat everything giving gifts is getting more common these days. Within a few years we might give presents on easter and pentecost as well I fear! For me the december period is not about consumption (goods and big christmas-dinners), but time to take my kids out and enjoy the silence of nature while everyone else is at home (it's normally very silent in parks, dunes, forests and beaches with christmas).
It is interesting to see how different countries "celebrate" this time of year. The commercialisation is quite bad and I sometimes think that shops should be closed for a couple of days like the used to be. People don't really need to go out on the 26th Dec shopping for "bargains". Having had to work on Christmas and New Year days you do miss being with your family. My wife isn't fond of Christmas as her parents were always working on the bank holidays so she never got to celebrate or enjoy time with them. We still have fun but there is always that in the background especially both of her parents are no longer with us.
Funny how it differs from country to country as well, in NL we have two christmas-days, and normally shops are closed on both days (only restaurants are open). In knew that UK had boxing-day instead of what we call 'second christmas day', but didn't new that shops are open then. One good thing about christmas this year: it's attached to the weekend :).

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