Relaxation Oasis

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You need this sign to wall. :cool:


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Re: AW: Re: Relaxation Oasis

common LAKA dont be shy,show us your 20.000 euro Koi :)

lol he is dead. eaten by the 30.000 one. loool

that is my relaxing zone. me and my wife using every possible minute to have a rest outsite.


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I was the last 3 Days on my Balcony, have my Grill there a Hollywood Schaukel,Palms and flowers etc :)) like a little oasis.
Nice pics chaps!

Laka regarding pic # 5:have you taught the black dog new tricks? ;)
nice oasis relaxation chriskrass and andyS , very nice ... :)

@laka , have you notice that the sculpture Shoebill change places ... ( may be the only one still in motion on earth lol ) ...
At least when I get home I can do a proper oasis picture with lots of water raining down in the garden. Amazingly we still have yet to see rain here. Raincoats haven't seen any action yet though looks like they could see some action tomorrow - chance of thunderstorm.

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