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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
gods country "scotland"
- Name jim badger motheted cock coco
- Age 29 "i fucking am ok"
- What games you play TEAMKILLING AND BF2
- How long have you played PC games? 6 YEARS
- How do you find us? was minding my own business on the no fly when this welsh dude asked me if id like to join "hes regreted it ever since" sorry mac lol

got pissed off with the game and the players a few times over the years but i met a couple a cool cocos in spoony,spunky,sordids,mac and a few more and they keep the laughs going.
my biggest shock in my 6 years is that i have come to "well like is going a little far" but i dont dislike germans anymore and thats down to some crazy deckchair stealing cocos sek,beast,medic etc etc
but relax its cool the fins have taken their place lmao lmao far to many of those weirdos playing here now xxx xxx xxx

my main aim is to try and upset people "and im good at it" myself and my backroom team cry with laughter when we get angry replies in the forum and after all this time there are still some point crazy cocks who take the bate lmfao i was recently told i had went to far "REALY" LMAO and thats prob the highlight of my six years """"""" SO FAR """""" lol
i think you made a typo on the number there. it's supposed to be 92 not 29, right? :alien:

And it's cool we're now known as "ze german zurrogatez"..
lmao For those who dont know The badgers a Fuckin legend and should be treated as such :)
He's also a darling and the forums wouldn't be the same without him and spunky. :D
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sweeny and geno many thanks

have you got a hold of mac yet ? ffs i been after him for 2 days now mate,and hes supposed to be the nru daddy ........................ piffffffft lets hope he is never the driver when im getting new furniture eh !!!!!!!!

c,mon mac your underlings need you me and gene need to speak to you
jim > he was briefly on yesterday saying he had been very busy and tired. i'm sure he'll pop up tonight or tomorrow.

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