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15 Mar 2012
Bad Rappenau
Ohhh why have i done this, aaaaah i hate my self for Buying the Preordered Deluxe Edition, i think iam only stupid ... I hate DICE i hate EA and i hate that i cant hold my fingers still, and Lakaelo thats all your fault aaaaaall only u, u was the first they ordered i have seen that and i have must buy the Game now too
i willl pre order...but never buy digital downloads as they are always alot more expensive than buying the disc, and the disc looks nicer :)
AW: Preordered

Loeft i have buy it now must u do the same, sorry u have no choice now.
AW: Preordered

They won't get a penny until I saw atleast 5 mins of MP. Then they will get 60€ from me, too :D
Just like the Germans to pre order and get the towels on the deckchairs nice and early :p
where do i find CD? Me too, not going to buy it until i see MP gameplay and Sam's review on it ;)
I'm more than happy to buy it, I'd just like to know it's release date so I know how long I've to wait..! Anyone know?
Autumn 2013 is all they've said so far
I wonder that now both the PS4 and Xbox 720 are moving to a PC type architecture it will be possible to play against them in multiplayer?

One thing that really does amaze me is that BF3 multiplayer works at all. Having programmed and tested mainframe applications it never stops amazing me that you can have up to 64 players from anywhere around the world playing a game at reasonable speeds and still have a fairly good experience. I know a folk complain about bugs but you will get that in any program no matter how careful you are. You can test, test and test and you will not get the same results as when your program is released into the wild. I used to work with a woman who could use something and find issues that nobody else could. She had that same effect on hardware to, she would switch it on and if it could break it would break. I'm not siding with Dice/EA but just be amazed that you have such a game at all and that it does work reasonably well most of the time. It will take a few updates, even after it has been through the beta stage, to get rid of most of them. Also from experience, fixing one thing can very easily break something else unless you are really careful!
why should i preorder so soon...or is bf4 coming in limited edition??? :)
AW: Re: Preordered

yeah a Deluxe Edition for ProOrderer u have a Beta licence

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