Polymorph Plastic

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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
In a round we were talking about the console key and I suggested Sugru and polymorph plastic. Here is some info on them.

I have used the polymorph plastic to make loads of stuff from GoPro camera mounts and handles, plus loads of other stuff. You get the pellets, put them in hot water until they go clear and the you can mould it into shapes that you want. If it doesn't work you can heat it again and have another go. If you have finished using the item you can reuse the plastic - just heat it up. You imagination is really the limit.

Sugru is more like a rubber that hardens. Once used you cannot reuse it. It comes in different colours which should cover most uses. I've used this to repair a crack on a camera body and tread on walking boots.

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Unbelievable that I haven't heard of that before. Will order some to play around and get some experience with the material! Thanks for the hint!
Here are couple of examples. The top one is a spike to mount a GoPro at ground level and the other one is for mounting a GoPro onto a pole. Also used it to make a bird feeding bowl, a grip for the GoPro gimbal to make it more comfortable to hold. Previously made a lamp shade for a desk lamp.

Once cold it can be drilled, sanded etc. It can be coloured by using powdered paint in it (see YouTube). When it cools it does shrink slightly so you may need to allow for that.

IMG 1128 IMG 1129
When warm, is it liquid enough to fill it into a mold (goo-like so to speak)? I've got so many ideas :D
Hard to describe, if you pour some white pellets into a saucepan of hot water they will then go clear. At point you can get them out (I've used a fork). The stuff at this point is mouldable by hand and could be pushed into a mould. As it cools the white colour starts to return but you can still shape it for quite a while. It is possible to roll it out using a rolling pin to get quite a thin sheet though you may need to reheat it occasionally. Some people use that method to make cosplay masks.

I've used it to repair an office chair where the castor has become loose. When warm I was able to push the stuff into the area that had become weak and once cold it held the castor firmly in place.

A 1/2kg bag goes quite a long way depending on what you are making.

Some of the YouTube videos should give you a better idea of what it is like to work with.
Here are a couple of other things I have made. Top is a pistol grip that can be used for GoPro or other smallish cameras. Below that is a holder for the Amazon TV stick remote. We have a small TV in the kitchen and use the Amazon thing in there just for streaming BBC in the morning but the remote is just left on the counter, this is stuck to the wall and gets it out of the way. Doesn't look stunning but does the job. Just heat the stuff in water and roll it out thin and cut it with scissors. When thin it does cool quickly so you may need to warm it up again. IMG 1142 IMG 2318 IMG 2320
You should see the one for the TV remote! That truly shows of my lack of creative skills! Both will be out of sight though. :)
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