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17 Nov 2012
bedford, uk
hey peeps just thought i would introduce you to a few friends of mine who i hang around with when im not gaming :)

kaya (my pups mum) is on the left and iyana on the right kaya is a czech wolf dog iyana is czech wolf dog x timber wolf

this is vala my pup she was born with major health problems and dwarfism vet said she would not last 6 months as she could not be sold i took her anyway
iyana playing hide and seek or going to eat me im not sure:)

well vala has lived way past her expected age and is still going strong the big dude on her left is my main man LYCAN MOON 59 kilo of alaskan malamute big furry dumb feck:)

well vala is now 3 years old and lives the life of riley and loves nothing more than annoying her big brother

and lastly me and my number one and right hand fur ball
Cute dogs, lol these up ones looks like wolfs. :D I personally like more cats, they are easier. No walking at winter/rain several times every day etc, just give food and empty sandbox. When i was teen i had almost all time when i was home my cat Kassu with me. I carryed it everywhere and when i watched tv it was sleeping next to me at coach. Where ever i did go it followed me, sleeped on bed with me etc. It was best cat ever, so good behavior and liked people so much.

And lol that little friend had cool "default camo" to blend in its enviroment when sleeping on coach or tv chairs. :D :D


  • kassu sohvalla.jpg
    kassu sohvalla.jpg
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    Kassu kiikun päällä.jpg
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  • kassu mökillä.jpg
    kassu mökillä.jpg
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andy there should be some sort of advanced warning if you're going to post your pussy pictures in the public domain :eek:
they are wolf cross breeds hiek her dad came in from europe:) and i got a pussy too shes a bengal leopard cat called slasher

@andy love your pussy :)

we have 2 labrador dogs ( ellis the black one and luna the blonde one ) and 2 cats ( one 5kg fat and a little main coon puppie )


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Nice Rommelz, btw you fall asleep in the first pic sitting there? hihi
Cute cats. :) Lol after all talk about hairy pussies all perverts comes here after google search "Wtf, pics of cats?!?! And what is that BF? Everybody talks here about it, is it something very kinky?" :D
Love all you pet photos.

This is Scully, our cat, who died a couple of years ago. She was a stray who turned up one day (the X-Files was on TV thus the name). Most cats bring in mice and birds, she used to bring in rabbits and sea gulls! She had diabetes and thyroid issues which cost about £100 in meds but she was worth it - we would have gone without to make sure she was looked after. We still miss her a lot but will get a couple of cats in the new year.


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    Scully garden edited 1 (2).jpg
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my house is like a zoo 2 dogs 2 cats koi pond 6 toads two monkeys(my kids )

i love my big furry git me and him know each other so well we just look at each other to know what were thinking and he seams to know when im down when he stands up he looks at you eye to eye i dont have any trouble around my way and i can leave my door unlocked :)

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