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21 Jul 2012
my pc crash when i play 5 minutes and sometimes i can play hours without any problems.

it`s freezing half second and sound too just like lagging then whole pc is shutdown.

where should i start looking the problem any ideas or have anybody having same kind promblems before.

only when i play.

im so lost again LMAO
i get it too kyntteri playing bf2 just goes black and freezes maybe once a week for me tho . manual restart of pc is only way to get going ? best of luck with it .
Does it crash and reboot back to the desktop, or crash to a blue screen (Showing memory dump screen).

Little by little we will get there

If it only does it on BF3 try a repair reinstall, could be the software for BF3
Graphics card drives ????
Do not use Beta drivers :mad:
yes blue screen only have this problem like 4 days now and i have change nothing.
dust check for dust overheating is always a problem from shit getting sucked into your pc
i think its not dust or overheating i have check that
Ok so if it crashes to blue screen (Memory dump) it should tell you what caused it or what driver has caused it ??
You will see it saving what is in your memory to the memory dump file.
Now all being well around the bottom of your screen it should say what driver has caused the problem
please if you can write this drvier down and post it here or search for it if you can...

Only in my experience this has always been caused by Graphics card drivers
Or overclocking the cpu
Or " " the GPU (Graphics card)

Maybe if theres been a change to BF3 (like have you updated it )it may cause a clash with a piece of hardware
[Error] Runaway thread
System Shutdown
hmm what is this
lol we get those on this forum all the time, nothing to worry about lmao
Do you have an Nvidia or ATI card Hannu
Just had a brief look on google and this seems to revolve around graphic card drivers
Do you have the latest drivers installed on your card

Do you have an old card or newish
ok lol
and i have no problems at this weekend with playing hmm
have to see when it crash next time maybe my pc was having bad hair day on wednesday and thursday lol
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Still worth updating your drivers to your cards latest version.
We got the same card and today upgraded to the newest 12.10 ati driver with no problems. You didn't get it updated last we talked about it?
That seems like a driver issue of some sort.

I could come over to your place and look through the comp if you want and see what the matter is but you got evening shift next week right?

graphics driver and directx as well need update. I could try see if there's something else causing anything too.

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