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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Two years ago I got a pasta machine for Christmas. After a short while it broke and I got a refund and used that towards an Imperia pasta machine. Now had that for about 15 months and the plastic roller scraper broke (see picture). As the gaurantee had run out I tried to get a plus postage (about $15). When I first looked I thought postage was $50.

Eventually found the UK distributor and tried to contact them. Not the speediest customer service I have ever experienced. About a day between sending an email and receiving a response then nothing. So I ordered the spares from the USA. Got notification that the parts will be delivered today and the next email was from the UK distributor asking for my address to send me a new unit. As they don’t have spares and it is too hard to do.

It takes one screw to remove the side panel, insert the part and put it back on. Just seems stupid I cannot get a part that is easy to replace locally.

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I got a solution!

jk, since i have no clue about those machines, can't really help :v I hope you'll figure out something ^^
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I think I see the problem Glen.

Your mechanism seems to be jammed by a large red projectile. Do you do archery at all? :rolleyes:

Happy to help :p
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I have to admit the hammer suggestion was closer to reality at one point. As for archery, I still remember the bruises and pain for trying and they are still probably trying to find the arrows I shot! :D

I was much better with a shotgun. Just imagined those clay round things were my boss and I never missed. :whistle:
Got parts and it took 5 minutes to repair. One screw to undo, remove plate, pull out metal rod, position bit of plastic, push in metal rod, put back metal plate, insert and tighten screw. That was without instructions - anyone could do it if they had instructions with the part. Seems such a waste that many people will just chuck the machine away as being unrepairable.

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