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2 Feb 2017
To all respected member of this clan and to whom it may concern .

Good morning/afternoon or night people :)

My name is Paris as you can see ! ! ( Ancient Greek name or something ;p )

I am 23 years old and i am currently studying in Greece to become a Captain on merchant vessels ( Not military related - i already did 2 full years army service mandatory by our government when males turn 18 ! )

I was born and raised in Cyprus, a small island - Directly below Turkey
We are generally a small population which i think makes us more friendly with anybody ( at least the open minded portion of the people ;p )
From my side i can say for sure that i got this insightful nature in my character ( probably mum's genes hahah ;p ) which i tend to use to understand people's characters as a result i can be a leader and not just a typical asshole ( sorry about the bad word ) ! !

My reasoning for wanting to join this server is, the simple fact that - this server is like family , all members act in a respective manner to each other and to people in the server with fun and joyful conversations ! ! ! That for me is the cornerstone of any successful club clan platoon, you name it :). In a nutshell, what does it cost you to be friendly and lighthearted with your fellow humans than not ?! :)

Anyways i am sorry for the long post ! ! And so by the powers that be i hope i check out to be a member of this awesomely awesome clan ! ! :D

Sincerely ParisX
Hahaha i think we all did wait for this reply ahah nice to see ur application here! wish u much luck!!
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Thanks for the application Paris. We'll get some background checks done and then get a vote started. Do you have any other in-game names?

Cyprus is a lovely island and have been there a couple of times and really enjoyed it.
--- Post updated ---
Voting has started and will last for three days! Yet another applicant that could lower the average age.

Good luck! :)
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Glad to See your application! Good luck!
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Hello Paris, there is no reason to be sorry for your detailed application - it helps us to get to know you a little better.
Thank you for having taken the time to provide us with some information concerning yourself and your background.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)
Thank you very much for your kind words all i hope i pass :) ! ! If not, i'm sure you will have a reason, but i will still keep playing in the server anyways cause a server like this doesn't get found everyday :)
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Looks like it is actually running for 4 days even though it should be 3. I will get it right at some point!

Will finish on Tuesday at 15:45 UTC
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