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looks a tad scripted but could be ok for a late night game. many of the horror action games i've played have same form of elements even without any weaponry.
maybe something to put on the wishlist.

thanks for link.
no weapons just a camera? can you throw that camera at least? :)
Holy.... Nazi...
I'm out! I hope I never run into that game, EVER!
Ok im gonna high jack this thread just finished Alan wake that was pretty good, can get a bit repetitive in some parts but always creepy in the dark on your own in the woods lost oooooooooow!
I hated that game for some reason just got so bored didn't get very far
Alan wake is an old finnish game. Came out for consoles first. Did get it for pc but haven't tried it yet. There's always fear, manhunt, silent hill and some other games.. Doom3 was very scripted so it lost a lot of fear factor.

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