Nürburgring Crash

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NRU Heed
nice video how you can crash your car at the legendary nurburgring.

i am living now, maybe 45 minutes away from the track but 20 years back i was living just 15 minutes away so i was othen there at the weekend to have a look how the tourist driver running on the ring.

amazing how many moron wannabe racingdrivers crashed there cars there lol

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We drove round the ring a few years back with the car full of beer, teddy bears and suitcases! Took us about 20 minutes to get around it andI actually overtook something (a coach). There was one part when Isobel was saying that we weren't going very fast even though we were doing a 100mph/160kph. Apart from that most of the time was spent keeping out of the way.

I had wanted to do the ring taxi but we just arrived too late. Should have some video of it somewhere - need to see if I can find it.
Ringtaxi doesnt look that bad but hell I think that is a pretty good driver ;) and feeling all those g forces would really make me puke ;) those girls are pretty tough
Does look fun. I'm lucky as I have never been travel sick on anything. The closest I came to puking was when we flew through the Grand Canyon (many years ago when you still could) and the pilot was flying through gaps at right angles to the ground. It was a 10 seater plane and some girls at the front started puking. Gradually the smell worked it's way back to where we were and my dad and I were gagging but managed to keep breakfast down.

When I was rallying I had a full face crash helmet. My mate who was navigator also went for a full face even though I suggested an open design would be better for him for shouting out pace notes. Halfway through one stage all I could hear was gurgling noises. Had a quick look and could only see puke dripping out of his crash helmet. :D A real told you so moment.
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