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23 Jun 2013
NRU | All Videos Here

Nru speed 2


Nru 3

HD For Better


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Re : NRU | All Speed Art Here

The youth of today are too smart!
I think I should contact yr parents and get a Parental Control Prog installed :D
Re : NRU | All Speed Art Here

Looool :D

Just i Have a Parental Control, but i have the password :troll:
Re : NRU | All Speed Art Here

Updated, Speed Nr. 3
Oh boy just think what he'll make when he is over 18 .........
Looking forward to seeing those ones LOL
Don't worry, i'm on vacation for 2 month :D And i'm good in school
Keep developing that talent buddy - but get good exam grades too like Nurse Mari says !
You have good design ideas - keep it up.
Re : NRU | All Speed Art Here

NRU Fun Night Party #1 in progress. Upload during the week
Re : NRU | All Speed Art Here

UPLOADED !! [video=youtube;CEgguo-aMTw][/video]

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