new maprotation on our server


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setuped a new "tool" on our server over the weekend to bring some variety into the map roptation.

so we now have a map manager, depending on time and/or player what kind of map are in the maplist.

in short words this is how it works:

0-32 player -> maplist with basic maps ( vanilla maps ) and only conquest
33-50 player -> maplist with basic and DLC and different modes

because its a lot harder to start the server with DLC maps, the first stepp to start the server is with basic maps. with more that 33 player it will switch to the other maplist and will stay with that with at least 2 rounds. even when the playercount is going under 33 player after the first map.

this system is free to choose with maps we like and we can update them after we see that it works.
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NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Seemed to work OK. It is nice to get some of the other maps occasionally just for variety. Even with the vanilla maps there are some where people just leave anyway. I always look at it like lif, sometimes there are chores you don’t like doing but you still have to do them. Same for maps, some are not my favourites but still play them. 😁