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15 Mar 2012
Got a couple of new games for xmas & once again i'm left disappointed, first one dishonored which has received rave reviews across all formats, looks lovely but gameplay is just... seen it all before, maybe too soon to review properly as i've only played for around four hours but hasnt really grabbed me.

Other game was dark souls(prepare to die edition) which is apparently insanely difficult, havent got very far with this as when i tried to launch through games for windows apparently the product key has been used!!! ffs why is it so fucking difficult to buy a game & just play it now? they are just trying to strangle the used game market. ironically this was a brand new sealed copy, so have had to send it back for a refund but you imagine this had been bought as an xmas pressie for a kid & they open it all excited on xmas day only to be told sorry you cant play your game due to ridiculous anti piracy measures which will stop nobody that pirates software anyway!! but what gameplay i did acheive (cos you can play it but cannot save & stuff) was same as many dungeon crawlers you've seen before.
So all in all disappointing on the games front, anyone else get a game that gave them a wow!!!
got far cry 3 graphics were great but found gameplay got a bit boring
I thought I would like it but I don't know just never got into it, just found it boring :confused:
fun games to play with son: diablo 3, portal 2, borderlands 1 and 2.

yet got to try lot of the new games i got. farcry 3 test stopped at the first bug. couldn't get out of jeep with any key whatsoever. hopefully sorted in patches.
death rally was a weak iphone game clone but had it's moments.
Most i've enjoyed x-com enemy unknown.

gr future soldier was utterly crap, sniper elite v2 was fun and interesting. deus ex hr i liked too. still need to try out wrc 3, alan wake, of orcs and men and most wanted.

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