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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
The router which our broadband provider gives is awful (doesn't support ac or 5ghz) particularly for wifi. So I use at in modem mode and have d-link router for all other tasks and wifi. You can attach a hard drive to it for use as an iTunes server or for other media but I never managed to get it to work successfully or reliably. For most of the devices I allocated an address to as I was finding so devices would try and compete for an address and then not work.

Amazon product ASIN B00E1AM1JS
Most devices are cable connected otherwise there would be too many devices competing for band width. For cables, I found that buying 100m cable, connectors and a clamp was cheaper than buying individual cables. Also you can make a cable the length you need and not one with about 5m more than required. Near the TV this means you can make a 50 cm lead and not have to buy a 1m lead. It is a bit tidier. :) I also got a lan cable tester which also saves a lot of time errror finding. Again, buying all that was less than buying ready made cables.

The device list image shows current devices but there are others that are switched off that can bring the total up to 20! There is a 10 port switch just for devices connected to the TV (TV, Apple TV, PS3, PS4, Receiver, BluRay player, Sky+ box, Hue light hub, and finally Hive central heating hub). There is another switch that is for the backup server, Mac Mini and gaming PC. Finally there are all the wifi devices; iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, Windows phone, Amazon TV stick and printer.

So you have a lot of devices competing for bandwidth which can affect streaming and gaming. On the d-link router I have enabled QoS. Before doing that run a QoS speed tester as this will give you more realistic information to use. The QoS engine will then prioritise use of the bandwidth across the network and device usage. The result is that gaming and streaming can then get a higher priority than web browsing. Once implemented if you do a Speedtest in a browser the speed you get may be a lot lower than what you are paying for but do you need 100mbps for browsing? I have tried with and without QoS enabled and generally it is better with it switched on. If you only have a few devices it may not be worth it.

I did have 200mbps broadband when I was doing the car photography as the upload speed increase was worth the extra but since then 100mbps is fine. At one point the provider was doing tests and I was getting 300 down but in practical terms I didn't notice any difference.

I had tried powerline network devices but that wasn't reliable enough and could become expensive.

The new Google router that can form a mesh network when other outlets are added sounds really good but there is no way I would have any Google hardware in the house. I just don't trust them at all. Don't have anything to hide but their invasive snooping is just creepy.


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the only LAN cable i have is that to my Gaming PC all others are running on WIFI. sadly i need a WIFI Repeater to get better Internet upstairs so you need to set this up too. but once done, all should run fine. mostly lol
This is Virgin's hub. About five years behind other network technology. Wifi repeaters are OK but I have found them unreliable and would be more tempted to look at powerline/wifi setup. Though the mains wiring can be an issue you get a pretty stable connection otherwise.

What is the Virgin Media Super Hub? Other than a pile of poo?
That looks OK as you can mount it on a wall.

Mine has a cable sticking out the back, about 75mm so that makes it harder to position. Also has blue LEDs that seem to be the brightest that they could find and they also glow through the air vents on it. Black tape has been used on it. It is now hidden out of the way under the desk.
I hate the cheap f'kin blue LED they get for a fraction of a cent from china. I always tape them, or, preferredly, just unscrew the case and cut the wire.

Haven't had good experiences with WiFi repeaters, it seems to slow everything down (used TP Link before). I have had massive improvements with cable over power line. Ping mostly <20 and 6.5 GB downstream with a 50 MBit connection.

And yeah don't put Google Hardware into your house... Android is bad enough already. Have you heard about the journalists who visited good old Edward Snowden because they didn't believe all that and at the end of his statements they taped the cameras of their smartphones :D
Google do so many products that people come to rely on and then just pull the plug. Plus, if you are not paying for the service then you are the product and your data is being mined for info. My guess is that it won't be long before someone finds the Google routers doing something they shouldn't. Also, Google are gradually moving away from the "Do no evil" motto and less of their stuff is genuinely open source like they seem to suggest.

A lot of companies collect data from us that is used to provide services. If I'm paying for the service I'm much happier than letting Google farm and filter through my emails so they can place ads and use location info etc.

I have nothing to hide like most people. But an innocent search for pressure cookers then some chat about BF bombs could easily trigger keyword searches with so many organisations with three letter initials... Snowden really did do the right thing. Blanket surveillance is something from the '70s eastern block countries. Though a lot of TV series suggest it is easy to hack phones and also follow GPS (even though many of the phones the bad guys have are not GPS enabled) it obviously isn't that easy. That doesn't mean it cannot be done. Surveillance should be done with some sort of judicial approval or how else will you know the source of information. There has also never been any evidence that the mass surveillance currently being done has stopped any terrorist act. They say we can't say or it will let the bad guys know what they are doing. Really?

Does anyone else find these tin-foil hats uncomfortable? :woot:

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