My thread c,losed

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New Member
24 Mar 2012
Stoke on trent
Just as the conversation swung toward beer and totally away from my app my thread becomes closed :( how on earth did that happen lol anyone?
i was wondering the same. prob the carlsberg haters. i mean i'm sure there's enough of us that can take care of the carlsberg load. it will not be a problem.
oml gen not only have i been stopped its been deleted

Does this not kinda reinforce rthe opinion that being active on the forum kinda means diddly squat? if a well constructed conversation < sans the sheep and beer> gets deleted whilst other twaddle gets left on anad admired???? lord spare me
lmao { throws a tin of spam} there ya go u started somethin now lak u goin wish u never told me be active on here u can change my name now to spamalot :))))
Hi Dwibbles...

take it easy on tha we can send message's to
lmao whatever do u mean mr fortuna lol ill have my count over 100 by days end hahaha

- - - Updated - - -

or at least over 50 :)

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