Land Rover Evoque

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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Our neighbour has just had a new one of these delivered and I was a having a look at it. Seems a nice enough car but not something that I would want. The previous one they had wasn't bad but they had a few issues with it like the doors freezing shut when it was cold plus a few other things going wrong.

So the new one has lots of fancy gadgets on it including a phone app. So they used the details provided and activated the app and so on. Apparently this allows you to remote lock the doors, switch on lights sound the alarm and the car calls 999 if the air bags are deployed and so on.

However, when they were testing it nothing was working. So they phoned the dealer to ask for help. They were asked to try locking doors and a few other things. Apparently they had been given the wrong codes and were now locking and stuff on a car in the showroom! So they were given another access code and that didn't work on their car either. It did work on someone's car who was in London though (about 420 miles away)!

They doesn't have a CD player but you connect your phone via Bluetooth. When they mentioned that it was suggested they get Spotify! They have enough trouble using a PC (I seem to be their tech support) let alone Bluetooth and Spotify.

Just shows how vulnerable a car could be if the setup process isn't any good.

The other funny thing is that he won't take it to the shops in case someone scratches it (they have a Fiat 500 for shopping duties). Plus, it is a British Racing Green colour or in normal language black. They may call it green but so far under all different lights it has looked black!
Our neighbours Evoque had been missing from the drive for about a week. Asked what had happened - apparently a shopping car park ding in a door. It cost £650 to get fixed. His wife was, never mind just leave it. However, he was a bit uppity about it. He wanted to sell it an get a new one as it was tarnished! 6 months old and he wanted to replace it because of a door ding! They have a new Fiat 500 which he doesn't care what happens to it but the Evoque...

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