Kicked player with negative score


20 Oct 2012
Hi guys,

last night i kicked player chauncheypepper (41)...reason was for negative score something about -13 teampoints and around -18 kill-score

at the same time i see a player with same name chauncheypepper disconnecting the server he was at the enemyside with positive score,cant remember how much

i found his name on battletracker and hes a private,but cant find da name what ended in (41)

i remind when i was a member by older clan ,a guy was playing with 2 computers and 2 names 1 for spotting enemey so he had easy kills

mabey the guy above did da same....i found it strange while i kicked a player and at same time a disconnect from a player with same name

or am i a litle crazy..........

yeah yeah....i know u gonna say yes im crazy